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Below is a list of all the sure fire things that will always get me to read a book or at least add it to the old (endless) TBR. Discounting beautiful interesting covers or recommendations of course.

The Search for the perfect ______________ 

(Insert food. Cookies. Pizza. Pasta. Anything really.)

I picked up The Summer of Jordi Perez recently became of that delicious looking burger and because (among other things) it’s about the search for a perfect burger. I only eat veggie burgers and I’m not even big on those but it called to me…

Be about Writing, Music, Acting generally anything along that creative bent. 

Or be about the love of those things.

Be about Blogging or Vlogging

Bonus points for blogging or blogging about books or fashion, etc.

Be a Retelling and Slap Dark in front of Retelling. Or just plain old dark fairy tales. Or tell the story from the point of view of the bad guy this time!

The movie rights have been purchased….

Read the Exciting New Book Everyone is Talking About!

Me: Okay! I will! I have to know what everyone is talking about!

Producers are talking to (insert hot & likely bearded or scruffy looking actor) for the lead role in the adaptation of this not-yet-released but sure to be best-selling book!

(This also works for optioned and in-development tv shows. I hadn’t heard of Game of Thrones before I heard Sean Bean was playing Ned Stark.)

Me: Ned who? Oh, never mind I’m just going to read it.

Read the Book that’s Being Called the Next Game of Thrones/ Harry Potter!

Me (after): It was good but really nothing like either of those books. I wish they’d stop doing that.

This Book Reminded Me so Much of Game of Thrones!

Me: Okay! I’m sure I’ll see it this time!

The Shocking Twist Everyone is Talking about! You Won’t See it Coming!

Me: Okay! I love to be shocked and I really should read it quick to because I don’t want to be spoiled.

Also Me: But you will see it coming.

Me: No, they say I won’t.

Also Me: But they’re advertising a twist hence you’re going to read it looking for a twist.

I swear I fall for it every time.

Doomed Love

Even better when the love is so doomed they don’t mind outright telling you that up front.

And that’s pretty much all it takes to get me to read or add a book to my TBR. Bonus points if the characters are either AI, witches or mermaids right now!

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