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Spring Favs and Recommendations

deer in annihilation

This is a bit of a Spring Favorites/Spring recommendations tag. I did a Winter one here and hoped to do it seasonally. So yeah for keeping up. I know technically there’s a bit of time left for Spring but honestly once we hit Memorial Day it’s summer (and I’m already looking forward to Fall.)

I’m combining books, film and television I’ve seen recently. The tag is originally by Zarriah Rose over on Youtube.

Best Book(s):


Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows & The Loneliest Girl in the Universe

Runners Up: Circe, The Astonishing Color of After, The Humans & The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

I enjoyed them all but I feel like Erotic Stories and Loneliest Girl are especially good reads for Spring/Summer.

Best Movie:

Annihilation will actually be available in a couple of days. I thought it was more than worth a go.

An Old Favorite:

Infinity War sent me into a tailspin of let’s watch all the old ones. Or at least, lets watch my favorite parts of the old ones. Turns out I actually liked Homecoming the second time around. Thor Ragnarok is still funny but I also think it’s several different movies trying to be one.

I have a deeper appreciation for Doctor Strange and Civil War still makes me want to slap Steve but that’s the one where Tony and Peter found each other so… feels 🙂

Another old favorite to enjoy this Spring:

I’m telling you if Disney gets Fox I will never give up on him doing a crossover. (You know provided they work it all out with Thanos!)

Recommend a Non-Fiction:

I’m currently rereading On Writing by Stephen King and I have such a weird thing with good writing books. I can procrastinate and stall but read a couple of pages of something like On Writing and I’m in front of the computer all motivated like crazy.

And if you want to combine a non-fiction with an old friend there’s anything by:

Carrie Fisher.

I especially loved Wishful Drinking back when I read it but The Princess Diarist has a lot of Star Wars stuff. (I didn’t even know Carrison had ever been a thing before reading the book.)

Recommend Something to Help People Escape:

I’m currently making my way through Avatar: The Last Airbender (end of season one so far) and really enjoying it. It’s got a beautiful look to it and the characters are so damned enjoyable! Which is really annoying because this was me for years…

People: You should really watch Avatar. It’s great!

Me: Eh, not big on cartoons.

Friends: I think you’d really like Avatar. Then we could talk about it.

Me: It’s a kid show. What’s there to talk about?


Me: Oh my Gosh! That show Avatar is so good!

Friends: Told you that years ago…

I’ll probably draw that out a bit so I can enjoy it through the summer.



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