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Book Inspired Summer Adventure Ideas!

Summer Adventure Mamma Mia

Below are some ideas for a summer adventure, trip, activities or just a fun day out and if you don’t want to or can’t do any of them you can just check out the books that inspired them!

Lots of people like to travel during the summer months so you could go to:

France and climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower or read this novel about a romance between one of the architects and a governess. Bonus points if you take a hot air balloon ride as that’s how they meet 🙂 Also there’s a bit of this in Scotland so you could make it a trip!


Okay, mystical worlds aside I don’t think there’s ever been a time Prague hasn’t been on my list of places I must see. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is a nice hold over until I can manage. The main character is an artist and her friend a street performer so if you can’t make Prague stop and see a performance perhaps.

Kenya is another place I’ve always wanted to visit. If you can’t make it to Kenya the main character adored horses so you could always schedule a lesson or go for a ride.


This very moving story about the loss of one’s mother to suicide takes the main character to Taiwan for the first time and the descriptions are so well done it very nearly had be booking a plane ticket. (My credit card laughs at the thought of that one.) But you’ll want to go, take in the history and the beauty… and all the food.

Go to a fair or a carnival (I know, I know this is the Night Circus- same idea.)

I need to reread this but of all the carnival/fair books I read recently I have to wonder why they are all so twisted and creepy! That works to though… find a creepy one!

Food truck tour of your Town.

I’ve only actually seen one food truck in my town in four-years and that was for waffles- which is cool. But this might mean a day trip to LA just like The Way You Make Me Feel. Internet research first because I do not want to just be driving around LA looking for food trucks!

If there aren’t any trucks that interest you maybe you could make a Summer list of restaurants, cafes or even recipes you’ve been wanting to try.

Go to Disneyland.

Or insert amusement park of your choice!

Disneyland is one of those places I think should be crowded (to be fair I once went when it was raining and that was pretty fun to). Now I want a churro and a Dole Pineapple Whip. Is that what it’s called? It’s been too long Mickey Mouse.

A Stephen King Tour of Maine

Okay, I don’t know if that’s actually a legitimate thing but it should be. You would think some town in Maine would jump on that and make like living in a book world/ tourist attraction.

I should look into that.


Okay, so they aren’t in Cairo for long but it’s another place that’s long been on my list. Plus this is just a fun interesting novel.

Go to camp- or maybe rent a cabin with your closest friends and create your own idea of a dream camp.

Redecorate a room in your house or do a DYI. Okay- this is a stretch but read this creepy scary story and then visit IKEA or another big box store and imagine it being haunted.


But with books. (Because I don’t think anyone wants to share clothes.) I actually heard about this traveling book thing recently where you read a book make your notes in the margins or highlights and then send it on to the next person. I’ve totally wanted to try that!

Do something that scares you or challenges peoples expectations of you or something that no one expects. Bonus points for doing it to a Dolly Parton soundtrack!

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