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Signs You Need a Book Buying Ban

Harley loves her books

This could also be called: Attempting to Get My Shit Together this Summer! I don’t really believe in bans- at least not for myself- because the minute I’m banned from something I want it more than anything.

But I have been encouraged to think of things as more of a challenge. I mean below is just some of my May book haul. 🙂

If any of these signs you may need to go to book buying prison apply to you don’t take it personally because they all apply to me.

You have never not wanted to go into a bookstore or buy a book.

Your sneakers have holes in them still because you keep using the shoe money to buy books.

Friends and family thought about not buying you books for your birthday because they consider it ‘enabling’ at this point.

You’ve occasionally let groceries slip by the wayside in order to buy books. (But never ever pet food! You would never even think of that!)

Your significant other has nightmares about being buried under your physical TBR pile & never found because you keep adding to it.

Couldn’t decide which to read next so I flipped a coin. The Poppy War won! So far so good.

The post lady considers deliveries to your house her daily strength training and the delivery guy asks what you do in publishing.

Your judgement of great art is mostly based on book covers & you want to own the ones you love.

A bit of a mermaid theme to this summers reading apparently!

Occasionally you’ve been known to utterly lose track of time while book shopping- even on-line.

Book store customers ask you where to find things… and you know.

Book store employs ask you for recommendations & then politely remind you to direct the customers to them because you don’t actually work there.

My first challenge is simple enough: no new books until I can clean and reorganize my shelves. I unhauled and donated about forty books last month and then… didn’t bother to reorganize the shelves or put up the stacks of books I have lying around. (I can half-ass anything!)

So hopefully the challenge will work long enough to make me do that!

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