May Wrap-Up: A Little of Everything…

may wrap-up

May has come and gone. It was mostly a good month. I seemed completely unable to keep my mind on anything longer than it takes to read a book (and I started probably a dozen that I put aside for later.)

My nephew visited for the Memorial Day weekend and I got to buy him books! Which was nice because usually he’s all about the toys 🙂

Work- which is usually slow this time of year very much hasn’t been. I don’t know if that’s good or bad yet. Also we’re already hitting triple digits here and I’m trying to find new and exciting ways to exercise without going outside or going to join a gym. But on to the important things…


I finished 16 books in May including 2 graphic novels

captain marvel

my favorite thing is monsters

Very different but enjoyed them both. I don’t know if I enjoyed Captain Marvel enough to keep reading though. Might just wait for the film.

Also finished 1 series this month with:

Only Human

So that’s the end of The Themis Files. All in all I thought the books wrapped up nicely but I still preferred the second in the series (Waking Gods). Thats where the whole thing really takes off with a lot of action and some nice tension and surprises.

It’s a good series for summer actually as all three are fast reads mostly in interview or recording format.

I even managed a book of poetry this month!

Ghosts Still Walking

Ghosts Still Walking is in large part about Vietnam. This was a lovely heartfelt book. You could feel the pain and history in some of the work. This is my third book of poems this year and I think I prefer shorter poems to longer in all three books honestly but I have a couple more and some classics I’m going to dip into.

Top of the Books


Evelyn Hugo I’ve already talked about. I definitely see it as being on my top ten reads.

This Adventure Ends is my second Emma Mills and I feel like more people should read her- she doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention like some and I absolutely love her work. It’s another book that focuses on friendship as much as anything else. And this one deal with a father joining an on-line fandom! It was so cute 🙂


May Films

I saw 10 Films in May. Three rewatches with Infinity Wars, Ragnarok and Mamma Mia! Oh and I just realized Making Fun: The Story of Funko isn’t on here! So I guess 11.

Bombshell about Hedy Lamarr, Behind the Curtain: Todrick Hall & She Makes Comics are definitely the standouts of the month.


I actually have been dipping into some shows on Netflix but then I managed to get way behind on Westworld and majorly spoiled so this week has been dedicated to catching up with my favorite Hosts…


There’s been a bit of a thing about people’s reaction to Dolores this season and the “angry woman” character that I’m kind of split down the middle on. Will be interested to see how it goes the rest of the season and talk more about that.

But seriously if you’re behind and unspoiled CATCH UP!

Also some huge Walking Dead news was all over the place this week: major spoilers here. I’ve been kind of down on the show for a while now but always hoped it would bounce back. You can probably do the old proverbial put a fork in it because I don’t see how it bounces back from this one.

And now it’s June!!! And I can hopefully finish everything I start 🙂 Big releases include My Plain Jane and Neverworld Wake in terms of books and of course Incredibles 2 for films. I hope everyone has a wonderful month!

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  1. You finished 16 books in May….😌 I have never been able to read more than 10 books in a month… I had never heard about This Adventure Ends before you mentioning it… It sounds like you quite enjoyed this book, I think I should definitely go and try to get my hands on this book.

    1. I’ve read two books by Emma Mills so far This Adventure Ends and Foolish Hearts. Loved them both and I’m not big on contemporary most of the time but I really appreciate the emphasis on friendship (although there is romance) so yes! Heartily recommend. Hope you enjoy it if you do pick it up 🙂

  2. My niece is not even 2 and I already buy her books. 🙈 I cannot wait to start taking her to libraries / bookstores when she’s a bit older. So cool you got to experience it with your nephew. 😊

    I really want to read some poetry now, I’m in a major whimsical mood and start books without finishing them. Been thinking about reading something by Rupi Kaur. Thanks for the inspiration. 😊

    Emma Mills is someone I don’t know much about. I will rectify that! 😊👌

    PS. Triple digits sound brutal. Hope you find some fun things to. I recommend climbing. So much fun and most climbing gyms do lend shoes / chalk to let people explore first (at least they do here in England). 🍀

    1. Good thought about the climbing. As long as I have a rope attached and a mat under me somewhere I think I could manage it. I wanted to get back into horse back riding but that might have to wait until fall 🙂 I enjoyed Rupi Kaur but I liked The Sun and her Flowers a little better than the first one!

      1. I am having a break from horse riding as well are temperatures are nowhere near as hot as yours – I totally understand!

        I’m the same with climbing. I don’t solo stuff and even chicken out of boulders that are ‘too high’. I hear you! 👌😊

        That’s good to know, I didn’t know which one of hers books to try and will give The Sun and her Flowers try for sure, thanks! 😊

  3. You should write about Westworld! I keep watching it even though I honestly am not sure where they’re going to go with the last two episodes. I think Maeve is one of my favorite TV characters of all time though no matter where it goes.
    Where do you get inspiration for what books to read?

  4. I love Maeve! I want to write about it but so far I haven’t taken my own advice and once again am two episodes behind! I will get caught up before Sunday because I do not want to be spoiled 🙂
    Honestly I get great books recs from other bloggers but I find a lot of books I’ve never heard of on European Youtubers channels. Check out The Book Castle and JeansBookishThoughts 🙂

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