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summer reading recommendations

So I did one of these for Spring I’m not calling it my Summer TBR because that pretty much guarantees that I won’t read them. I am not great at TBR’s so let’s just call them books that scream to be read in the summertime (in my opinion) and hopefully you’ll find something that sounds good to you this summer or anytime really.

A summer Fashion internship where the main character is a blogger with a plus-sized fashion website who falls in love with Jordi Perez and goes looking for the best burger in LA. Summer. Blogging. Fashion. Representation. Food. Sounds good to me.

This one comes out at the end of July and it’s about the strange happenings when a young man returns home to the twisted world of the Hollywood horror film studio he grew up in. Horror. Hollywood. Me.

A young woman with aspirations of being a director works on a film for a Summer Festival! I believe this is actually told in letter format to all her favorite female directors.

Controversial pictures in Time Square lead to friend road trip! I don’t know a great deal about this one except… Road Trip! And the pictures sound like an interesting twist.

Five-years ago a series of tragedies struck the whole cheer squad. What happened to them is the question of this book. I’ve been wanting to read Kara Thomas for a while now and this one comes out July 31st seems like a good summer read.

Exactly what the cover says I hope- tales from the set of The Princess Bride written by Wesley himself. Read the book. Read The Princess Bride and then watch the movie 10 times 🙂

Food. (Chinese food no less!) Family and stories of life. This is getting great reviews and I feel like I’ve been hearing about it forever!

Shaun David Hutchinson is an author I’ve been meaning to check out for a while now and this story about a virgin birth, miracles and the end of the world seems like a good summer read.

I love the pink on this cover! Plus anything about music I’m down with. This book comes out on the 10th and it’s been on sale as an e-book for the last few times I’ve checked. (That might be the normal price.) So check it out if you’re interested in a pre-order.

A fantasy about a world where scriptologists can bring worlds to life simply by writing them and a girls search for her missing mother. I suppose missing parents are better than dead parents these days.

A book about the life of a woman who buys a book and then goes on living and never reading it. Probable story of my life. I also don’t foresee myself reading Chomsky. The story is apparently told in vignettes I don’t know why but vignettes scream summer to me.

My grandmother was a stewardess (that’s what they were called then and that’s what they’re called in this book set in 1972 so that’s the word I’m using) in the sixties when the rules were crazy. She said it was a blast however. I’m thinking she was not running drugs.

I have also been told that no I cannot ask.

So those are my summer picks. Hopefully I will get to them all and we all have some excellent entertainment ahead of us 🙂

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