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I’m definitely a mood reader but sometimes a person gets overwhelmed by a mood to read all the books at once (and watch all the films) so I’ve long since been looking for an excuse to do the Try a Chapter Book Tag (created by Book Paradise) in order to narrow down my options.

This could also be called: What I’m Currently Reading that I’m almost too Embarrassed to Put on Goodreads, Indecision Queen, How Not to Finish Pride and Prejudice or Perhaps You Missed the Point of this Tag.

But I seriously had the best of intentions!

It started on Sunday when I finished several books I was reading. My main goal was…

My Plain Jane

Which came out today and you bet I’ve already gotten my hands on it. (Which Congratulations Barnes and Noble for the first time in weeks you haven’t let me down!)

Side script:

Me: (After checking several times over the last week.) Do you have the Aquaman edition of Entertainment Weekly?

Polite Salesgirl: (Double checks) Looks like we only got that edition…

(Points to the Jurassic World Special Collectors Edition of which there are about 100!)

Me: Well you know your customers well.

No. I didn’t say that last part. Besides I couldn’t find that stupid magazine anywhere! But I’ve gotten off track. I wanted something to tide me over so I thought perfect time to try the tag!

from twinkle

This showed up in a subscription box and was my first choice since it’s written in letter format to all Twinkle’s favorite female directors I figured it would be quick. It does read quick which is good because it takes a while to get into and before I know it I was probably 80-90 pages in when I decided to also give a try to…

Fallen Kingdoms

This is the first of a fantasy series and honestly I was expecting this to start rather slow and be a bit easy to put down. Lots of intrigue, politics, myth and history. But damn it! Throw me a character that I immediately want to see die and I’m 150 or so pages in before I have to work!

Needless to say I’m enjoying Falling Kingdoms.

But then I was approved for a Netgalley copy of…

mae vol 1

Which I didn’t realize I would have to read on my computer and once I bloody figured out how to make that work you bet I’m reading through it. So far I’m actually enjoying this story which seems like a portal worlds thing and has two strong sisters involved it’s just a pain in the butt to read on my computer.

And you’d think that would be enough but technically the tag is for 5 books and I had nearly finished Pride and Prejudice which was my “work” book and Mae is for Netgalley so I needed two more options since My Plain Jane was a done deal which is how I also wound up starting…

To Kill a Kingdom

I got eight or so chapters into this story about a siren who rips out Prince’s hearts and a Prince/Captain hunting her. Honestly, this one is interesting but iffy. I’m worried about where this relationship will be headed. I also tried…

Sky in the Deep

Which also started off pretty strong. Family. Betrayal. War. What’s not to like? Though honestly I think there’s something about Vikings that make me think… Winter. But for now I’m intrigued enough to keep reading. Going back and forth between this one and To Kill a Kingdom at work.

So if the point of the tag is to pick one I obviously failed.

Why are there so many good books????

And I’m finishing those last three chapters of Pride and Prejudice tonight!

Oh, and if I’m being completely honest I’m also currently listening to

fly me

But for some reason my mind doesn’t count audio books as books probably because they’re on my phone and I always have that with me. Or it just gives me an excuse to devour more books because audio books take me longer?

I’m also working my way through-

It's Your Universe

Which I don’t really count because it’s more of a “find your way with the help of Disney characters” that can be read here and there in chunks.

Next time I try this tag I might actually narrow it down to one book!


13 thoughts on “How Not to Do this Tag

  1. I prefer not to read more than one book at once, but sometimes you just have to. Although when I do it, I think I probably just shouldn’t be reading (at least) one of them. I’m terrible at walking away from books.

    1. I have to finish 99.9% of the time to. So far the only book I’ve walked away from is Theft by Finding David Sedaris journals which was pretty brutal but even there I still like to tell myself, “I’ll finish them one day!” πŸ˜‰

  2. Haha this tag sounds awful! I think I would fail like you did, I don’t think I could stop after a chapter. Its a good idea in theory tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Is this your first time reading Pride and Prejudice!! Its my favorite book! 😍😍

    1. I couldn’t remember if I ever read it but after last night it’s officially in my read pile! Really enjoyed it. Really surprised by how easy it reads but only because I’m not generally big on the classics. (And I don’t like Mr. Bennet!)

  3. Ha ha, I could so relate to this. I’m such a mood reader and I get distracted so easily.

    I really enjoyed Falling Kingdoms; glad you are finding it a fun read as well.

    Just out of curiosity – why do you have to read Mae on your pc? Is it a format issue?

    I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on To Kill a Kingdom (I read it but won’t be giving anything away yet πŸ™‚ )

    1. I’m not sure about Mae. I rarely request things on Netgalley and this is my first graphic novel so I was a little surprised to see that it needed to be downloaded to Adobe on my PC. Eek! I probably could have done it on my phone or such but it took me an age to figure it out my computer πŸ™‚

      1. Oh, that format is a major faff. I read in it a lot via Netgalley because I enjoy coffee table books and most are in that protected pdf only format. If you have a tablet (or a bigger phone), you can download an app called Aldiko – to which you link your Adobe account. Then you open Netgalley on you tablet / phone and click on β€˜send to’ link and when it opens in a new tab, it gives you an option to open it in Aldiko. It will then download in that app. It’s still not as smooth reading as Kindle but at least you don’t have to read it on pc. But if this was a one off, it’s probably not worth the pain. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€

      2. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely keep it in mind for any future ones. I probably could have done some more research on it but there’s a time limit until it was archived and I kind of panicked πŸ™‚

  4. I used to be the sort of person who reads one book at a time.
    But then ARCs happened, and i returned to paper books. So now i have more than one going, since my arcs are available on my kindle, but not on kindle cloud reader (which is what i use when i’m work and want to read during lunchbreak at my computer)
    I also don’t carry paper books around, so when i’m reading one at home, i read something on kindle when i’m out.

    Sky In the Deep sounds pretty good. But i agree on the winter feel. Haven’t read it, but the cover, and the mention of vikings just makes me feel cold πŸ˜€

    1. I’m the paperback at work type (or an audio book if there’s no one else around) Since I was in charge of the lost and found at work I’ve always been to paranoid to take my Kindle or an IPAD. I’m completely sure I would misplace it somewhere!

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