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Not My Kind of Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Directed By: Wes Anderson

Grade: D

For me the entire purpose of doing the Blind Spot series was to watch movies I wouldn’t otherwise. Films I had been interested in one way or another but would put off, push to the background and not bother with while watching the latest blockbuster. Mostly I’ve been happy with the films- even if I have issues with some.

But in the case of The Grand Budapest Hotel I probably should have known better. I just don’t get along with Wes Anderson films.

I’ve been interested in this because the trailers made it look so visually interesting (which is actually is) set in an old hotel that’s seen better days though the film flashes back to better days. The cast is large and fantastic (among many others we have Ralph Fiennes, Jude Law, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Murray has a cameo bit and Saiorse Ronan) and it’s a murder mystery/art theft kind of deal.

The story is told by Zero who was the young lobby boy to the legendary Gustave while all this was going on and I just could not get into the story. It felt like it was dragging seriously. I hate cats (or any animal) being killed for laughs or shock value. Was that supposed to be a laugh? It was gross and I didn’t need to see it.

Did not care about the romance between Zero and Agatha.

The cast was good- as you’d expect- especially Ralph Fiennes I’m trying to think of the last time I saw him be funny and it’s probably been awhile. The film was visually cool. I could have watched it without sound but that would have defeated the benefit of the cast being good.

But it was just not my kind of hotel from the story side unfortunately and I should have known that going in. Hope springs eternal and all 🙂

Recommend: Negative. Unless you love/like Wes Anderson. If you’re looking to give him a try for the first time I would go with Fantastic Mr. Fox or Rushmore which were the two I really liked.

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