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Disney Princesses & the Zombie Apocalypse Tag

It's Your Universe

So I picked up this book It’s Your Universe by Ashley Eckstein which is basically a cute little book about growing up with Disney and the power of following your dreams. It’s a great pick-me up or gift idea but I really wanted to do something with the Princesses.

Then I ran into the Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag on Andreas Nirvana and I thought… zombies, princesses… Seems like a plan.

I could not find the original creator of this tag (please let me know if I missed it somewhere) but I’m about to butcher it so there’s that 🙂

Basically I wrote down all the Princesses I could think of (and one questionable Princess designation to be sure) dropped their names in my Belle mug and picked my team. Weirdly it’s like half and half that we’d live.

First Princess to Die:

Sleeping Beauty

Honestly, I could see it.

First Princess I’d Trip:

Giselle from Enchanted.

I can see this to honestly. Loved the movie but if she starts singing the zombie apocalypse I’d trip her. (And anybody else quiet frankly!)

The Princess that Would Trip Me:

Elsa, from Frozen

I know technically a Queen- but they start out as Princesses okay?

I don’t know if she’d be a tripper but she’d certainly be someone I’d want on my team seeing as how she could simply freeze the zombies!

First Person to Die:

Snow White.

The animals would be so sad!

Team Idiot:

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Okay, Belle is a really bad pick for Team Idiot but I told myself it was first pick for everything!

Group Brains

Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Okay, no offense to the Ariel fans but for my team I really wish these two would have been switched! I’m also assuming she’d be in human form for the apocalypse although it would be an awesome time to be a mermaid when I think about it.

Team Medic:

Shuri, from Black Panther

Okay, things are looking up. Not sure she has medical skills though she did display some in Infinity War I suppose. Plus she’s super smart and amazing with tech so she could like repurpose the team back together after injuries and actually turn us all into superheroes!

Teams Weapon Expert:

Mulan, from Mulan

It’s been ages but I think this works to. I mean she’s certainly brave going off to fight like she did!

The Brawler

Padme, Star Wars Prequels

Well, terrible taste in men aside she was feisty and not easily intimidated. This could work. This could work. I could not bloody remember if she was a Princess though. Elected Queen. Senator. Diplomat. I was confused. But it’s comic-con week and I’m in a very Star Wars kind of mood.

Plus imagine the possibilities considering who I drew as-

Team Leader

Princess Leia, Star Wars

I think she’d be a perfect leader and whip our more questionable team members into shape. Hopefully she’d bring Han, Luke, Chewy and the droids. She can leave her son at home thank you very much.

I think we have a pretty good shot.

Those we left behind: Jasmin, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna, Pochantas, Cinderella, Tiana, Vanellope, Buttercup, Nala and of course Princess Vespa. Which when Vespa came up in my search made me sure I’ll be watching Spaceballs soon 🙂

So that’s my Princess Team for the Zombie Apocalypse. I think we’ve got a pretty good shot and also we’d have great apocalypse hair!




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