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harley's true confessions

I’ve been enjoying reading everyone’s Secret Life of a Blogger Tag there’s something about it that makes it sound like an expose! So I thought hey, let’s expose all my blogging confessions & get it all out in the open!

I hesitate to screw up likes that are even numbers. Like do I want to be the 101st like? The 51st? (I still do it!) But I pause especially if I’d be like number 66 or something.

I do love to make like’s even though.

I get tired of the (mainly social media driven) need to apologize for some things (i.e., the number of books I buy, where I buy them, what books I enjoy or don’t enjoy and how I read them)… though I find myself apologizing anyway.

Often a film or a book for me is just escapism, a laugh, a cry, day-dreaming about the characters/actors and drooling over costumes and hair. And that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Friend: When did you become such an Aquaman fan?

Me: Um…

I’m genuinely interested and excited for Aquaman but let’s just say the casting was what peaked that interest!

I no longer care that 50 Shades of Gray is bad but what still bugs me years later is that one sex scene on the honeymoon I still don’t understand.

I still have to stop and consider how to correctly use- there, their and they’re. Every single time.

I can never just say that I’m not going to finish a series- even if I know better. Like the minute I do there’s a screaming voice in my head going, “But you should! What if you love it? How can you just close your mind? You’re so close to the end!”

Me: Oh my God! Shut-up! I didn’t even like the last one…

Voice: But look, it’s in paperback!

I never have my Goodreads currently reading list complete because I’m legit afraid it would make me look indecisive and scattered. (Which I probably am but I don’t want to look that way.) 🙂

Of all the tags in the blogging/vlogging world I do not understand the Predict Your 5 Star Reads Tag- to me that seems like seriously asking for disappointment..

In the end I always fall for the hype.

But everyone was buying it! But everyone was so excited for it!

I check Netgalley way too much- not to get books but because I’m paranoid I’m going to miss an archive date (or have one change) and thus have my percentage hurt!

Movie-Watching 9 times out of 10:

Me: I really, really want to watch something tonight. There’s so many good flicks available!

Spends 30 minutes or more simply watching previews trying to decide which one to choose.

Me: Shit it’s to late to start a movie now.

And I think that’s a fairly good wrap-up of all my blogging confessions! I have reading and film-watching confessions but that will have to wait for another time 🙂

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