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Follow Me into this Dark & Creepy Cave

the anomaly

The Anomaly

By: Michael Rutger

Grade: B

This book is full of things I would never do. Explore a cavern high in the walls on the Grand Canyon… nope. Especially a cavern that I believe the government concealed discovery of the first time around… nope. And maybe if I did one day strangely get that far the rest of it would go like this:

Oh, it’s just a cavern! Kind of a disappointment.

Wait, look is that stairs over there?

We should follow them and see where they go!

Me: Nope. I’m out. Sunshine please!

This book is described as Indiana Jones meets The X-Files and it’s a great quick summer read. Doesn’t take much thought on a holiday but still has some chilling moments, a good twist and at least one super gross horror movie moment.

Nolan Moore is an archaeologist who has his own web show chasing strange things and conspiracies. This time while looking into a cavern in the Grand Canyon they actually find something. The Anomaly quickly turns into a survival book as they must fight their way through the mysterious cave.

Now much like a (typical) horror movie there’s not much to the characters. Nolan really misses his ex-wife. The others have, you know, traits and things about them that come in handy as needed. We do actually get answers and I think maybe that’s the thing that might trip me up here.

Like I did like the end and I liked the answers. It felt surprisingly different than what I had been expecting. But I can just as easily see why someone wouldn’t like those things. So keep that in mind.

In the end The Anomaly is a fun summer read. It will keep you entertained but I wouldn’t expect a new classic or anything.

Recommend: Yes. There is one moment you may want to keep an eye out for if you get queasy easily. But otherwise it’s a beach read list for sure.



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