Blood Magic, Sisters & Blackmail



By: Ellen Goodlett

Grade: A-

The ill King brings his 3 illegitimate daughters to court to train them and pick one to be his heir. Said daughters all have secrets and launched into a court on edge they have to work together to survive and find out whose blackmailing them.

I received this copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion.

I must say I liked this book in the end. Which was good because I spent most of it skeptical until that point.

I was skeptical because well, you almost have to roll your eyes at the fact these three girls whom were in different places and different lives naturally have three outright treasonous secrets. Ren grew up in the court as a ladies maid and probably has the best chance. Zofi came from a band of Travelers. Highly discriminated against. Akeylah, whom I felt most sorry for, was just trying to survive her abusive father.

There’s blood magic in this world (because naturally magic) both good and bad and I did think it was an intricate interesting system set-up. They aren’t at court long when naturally a blackmailer arises.

So despite the set-up I did like when the girls started working together. This is the beginning of a series so I can say with all honesty I’m not sure about any of the romances. I’m swinging between well, I kind of like them to dummy, you are getting played.

 I also must admit I spent the whole book absolutely sure who it was and was wrong! So that was nice. Of course now I’m absolutely sure who it is but will have to wait for part two I suppose  🙂 (Still this time I’m totally sure I’m right!) Nice cliffhanger at the end although I can see some connections to the Three Dark Crowns books that make me a little leery of where we may be headed.

Intriguing start. Good characters. It’s not perfect but I want to see where Goodlett takes the sisters and if nothing else whether Akeylah can find her way out of the mess she’s in.

Rule comes out on September 18th, 2018

Recommend: Yes. 

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  1. It kinda made me think of Three Dark crowns too, but I like the premise. Definitely seems like it has possibilities. I like that they end up working together…

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