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Films that Need a Musical Number

ella enchanted

While I’m not the biggest fan of musicals I was watching Ella Enchanted a few weeks back and it struck me that a good musical number or two can always put a smile on my face 🙂 You just have to know when to use them.

Which naturally got me thinking about the movies that could have used them/should definitely have them!

(FYI Possible Spiderman & Wonder Woman spoilers. Nothing that isn’t out in the news but if you are trying to stay completely spoiler free for either. Please don’t read.)

Spiderman: Far From Home

Okay, obviously Homecoming is done but there’s still upcoming movies. You have Tom Holland. You have Zendaya. You have the gold mine that is high school theater/performing arts and oh! The Avengers are big in that world so we could get super meta and have Peter playing Tony Stark in a high school musical production…

Possibly of however the whole Thanos thing concludes!

Which does bring me to the next movie that should have had a musical number…

Thor Ragnarok

I had to go back and reconsider this because it almost feels like Thor Ragnarok did have a musical number. It had a gladiator show. Fireworks. And Taika Waititi could have written a duet about brothers for Hemsworth and Hiddleston or no! Taylor could have since I’m pretty sure they were still dating when this was filming!

I’ve been robbed of my Taylor penned Loki/Thor duet.

The Meg

I just saw this last night and I’m thinking beach number a la Mama Mia only crashed by The Meg! It’s big and bold and kind of corny and just when Pierce starts to sing…

It goes sci-fi with a once thought extinct killer shark.

Damn. I’m adding another one…


Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy should have done a number in this one. They could have incorporated one of his super spy rants into it! Kind of like the angry/drunk duet in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

The Last Jedi

You could go two ways with musical numbers in The Last Jedi. Something super incompetent for the First Order/Kylo/Hux/Phasma maybe Mel Brooks style comedy. Or something big and romantic for Ben and Rey.

I mean the second one would probably make me loose my lunch but it would have plenty of swooners as well.

Or perhaps Jedi ghosts are welcomed by musical numbers?

Wonder Woman 1984

This could definitely fulfill by rare desire for a super romantic number. You could have one of the Gods playing with Diana’s head making her think Steve is back & you have the 80’s power ballads and bands to play with so that would work!

Mostly I just want to see Chris Pine sing and dance.

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