My Newest Obsession: The Crown

the crown season 1

The Crown Season 1

Created By: Peter Morgan

Grade: A

So at this point I can tell how much I like a television show simply by actually finishing it. And finishing it super quickly. To be honest I wasn’t originally interested in watching this Netflix show- based on the reign of Queen Elizabeth. I started watching with my mother and then couldn’t stop.

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth

The show stars Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth, John Lithgow as Winston Churchill and Matt Smith as Prince Phillip. All of whom are excellent. I also became a big fan of Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret. She didn’t have a lot to do in the beginning but as the season went on and the crown got involved in her love life she was super impressive.

vanessa kirby as princess margaret

I especially loved her and Foy in the scene where they were parsing over who was daddy’s favorite and you could see how much Margaret needed it. It must be said Phillip of all of them is my absolutely favorite. He and Margaret can just be so vicious, so desperate and mean and catty but also disappointed and deflated. Loving and smart. I think there are times when both see the importance of certain issues that Elizabeth lets the old hands or the “smarter men” talk her out of.

That’s the thing about The Crown that really struck me though. There’s nothing overly big in here just human drama.

Matt Smith as Prince Phillip

And if the show wasn’t based on real people I’d be so impressed with how human they made them. They didn’t ever feel like characters. But there are plenty of cases where that’s not the case even with the whole based on real people designation. I enjoyed The Greatest Showman but PT Barnum never felt like a flesh and blood human in that movie. Not like this.

Stephen Dillane also shows up in an episode that is mostly about Winston Churchill fighting his greatest battles with age and mortality.

the duke of windsor in the crown

Also completely enjoyed Alex Jennings as the Duke of Windsor. He and Wallis appear throughout season one. And there a great approximation of those catty always drinking relatives who have nasty nicknames for everyone, like to stir the pot and take money and then always wonder why no one wants them around.

I admit to I was Googling events and names throughout the shows so I felt like I learned something and squealed a little bit when the dogs started showing up!

Needless to say I completely enjoyed The Crown Season 1 & plan on jumping into Season 2 (knock on wood) right after Sharp Objects finishes.

Favorite Episodes: Windor, Smoke & Mirrors, Pride & Joy and Assasins.

Recommend: Yes. Absolutely!


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    1. I have to admit I was most interested originally in the new cast! Can’t quiet wrap my head around Smith to Tobias Menzies but looking forward to it as well!

  1. Omg! Yes, this show is a favorite of mine as well. I was a bit late in starting to watch it. I started the first season shortly before the second season came out. My main reason in finally starting it already was I heard Michael C. Hall was going to be on season two, and he’s been a favorite of mine ever since Six Feet Under. Once I started the show I completely understood all the hype. It’s amazing and Claire Foy, like what a performance! Season Two is great, plus Matthew Goode is on it (I just watched him on The Good Wife, so I’m like a forever fan of his now, LoL). I know a lot of people are annoyed with the cast changing in season three to show the aging process with different actors. I love the current cast, but from the actors that are replacing the current cast, I think the show is definitely in good hands still. Enjoy season two!

    1. Matthew Goode is always a draw for me! Ever since Chasing Liberty 🙂 And I will miss this cast (especially Phillip) but I can’t wait to see Helena doing the downfall of that marriage!

      1. Yes, I saw that movie probably around the time it came out. I have to watch it again. I totally forgot he was even in it.

        I don’t think a show has ever really done that with changing the cast. It’s a big move, but the actors replacing the current cast are just so incredibly talented. So, I can’t help but think the show is in such good hands.

  2. This has been on my to-watch list for forever now! I’m currently obsessed with GOT. I watched all seasons in less than a week and looking for some similar shows now.

    1. Wow! I don’t think I could do all seasons of Thrones in less than a week. I needed a break after the Red Wedding from the books and the show though it broke my heart so much. The Crown is a good choice no big battles naturally but very character driven, a lot of politics, bickering families and backstabbing so like Thrones in that respect!

      1. I had a week off from college so I thought might as well use it efficiently. The red wedding was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever watched. You’ve read the books?

      2. Oh yeah. I binge read the published books around season one and Catelyn was always my favorite character so to read her murder from her perspective no less. Ugh. One of the most traumatizing reading events ever!

      3. You binge read all the books?! I’m anticipating reading but the books are quite intimidating. I think I love all the Starks equally! But Caetlyn is such a strong character both as a mother and a wife.

      4. I did book one before season one (I figured I was gonna watch it anyway- those were my Sean Bean days!) and then I binged 2,3 & 4 and then I may have taken my vacation around the time Dance of Dragons came out 🙂 Sad but true. If he ever drops Winds of Winter I think I’m going to need a month!

  3. Whenever you read/watch anything historical or based on monarchy, heavy googling ensues lol. Anyway, I think I’ve watched one episode and I’m not completely sold yet because the episodes are really long but… I know I will get to it and probably become obsessed. I know everyone loves Phillip, but I just have the biggest crush on Queenie as it is (I mean the woman attended a radio show and clapped once. ONCE). Definitely need to resume with The Crown and Sharp Objects!

    1. I definitely think some episodes move faster than others 🙂 I just finished Sharp Objects and immediately started the book. It’s definitely stayed with me.

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