Classicsathon Wrap-Up!

the slippers are ruby red!

So I participated in Classicsathon this month which was run by Lucy the Reader on Youtube and Twitter and amazingly enough I followed and finished a TBR!

I really enjoyed the reading as well!

Me: I’m not really a classics reader. They just don’t do anything for me, you know?

(Actually reads the books.)

Me: These are so good! Why don’t I read more classics?

the wizard of oz

I already talked about the creepfest that is Oz and how I will never look at the ruby red slippers the same way again. (Their not red in the book but silver!) It felt so wrong 🙂

anne of green gables

I also read Anne of Green Gables for the first time and really loved it! Actually I listened to the audiobook read by Rachel McAdams and I would totally recommend that. Anne is adorable and I couldn’t help but think I would totally adopt her. I love a character with imagination!

Also I couldn’t help but quickly think she would totally tire me out.

The only thing that made me sad was the ending and how quickly they blow through Anne’s childhood. I knew this book was part of a series and for some reason I thought it would stretch out longer. But there’s probably something to be said about how quickly children grow and we leave that part of our lives behind us.

Me: Why have I never read this sooner?

Also I must admit I’ve already bought some art work with that Isn’t it magnificent to live in a world with October’s quote. Yes, Anne. Yes, it is.

Northanger Abbey

Am I the only one that always finds someone (or a couple of someones) in Jane Austen’s books that is completely punchable?

I read Pride and Prejudice earlier this year and I’ve heard good things about Northanger Abbey and it’s mystery obsessed heroine whose imagination goes a little bit haywire when she visits a friends impressive and mysterious home and wonders how the woman’s mother really died.

Also I am now convinced that I would make a dreadfully awful Austen heroine? Do these people ever stay home? It’s one social engagement or gossiping about the engagement after another. Someone should write an updated version where the Austen heroine is transported into our time and meets Netflix and Kindle.


I also finally, finally read Rebecca. I think this book has been on my Kindle since 2014 or even longer. It’s about a young girl who marries a man she just meet goes home with him to Manderley meets his scary housemaid and lives in the shadow of his dead wife Rebecca.

I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Perhaps because that marriage is just so… bad. I mean really she actually compares herself to the dog at one point and they only seem to really come to terms after a confession that would have sent me running for the hills.

There is a little part in the back that talks about how it’s not really supposed to be a love story but our narrator basically giving herself up for a man and then watching the trailer for the Hitchcock movie talking about how its one of the great romantic classics.

I’m glad I marked it off my list however and I really enjoyed participating in Classicsathon. I do plan to make more of an effort in reading the classics going forward instead of just brushing them off with a, “Oh no, that’s not a book I would like.”


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  1. Honestly? I didn’t like Rebecca lol. It was just too… weird? Idk. Northanger Abbey always gives me second hand embarrassment. It’s that one scene where Franny(?) is telling whatshisface her suspicions about his mom’s death. Ugh. One of the worst moments ever. Anne though!! Love her! She’s amazing. I’ve only read up to the third book in the series haha and they’re equally good! You should finish!

  2. I hardly read classics- I’m terrible that way. Although same- if I actually READ them maybe some I’d like. Oz I always found creepy too. Anne of green Gables doesn’t look bad though, and a lot of people seem to have great childhood memories of it.

    I haven’t read du Maurier but I love the film version of her The Birds story.

  3. I really need to read more classics! I read Anne of Green Gables years ago but can’t remember much of it. There’s a Netflix series for it now too so I might re-read it! I read Pride and Prejudice a couple of months ago and I’ve been meaning to read some more Austen ever since!

    Evie x |

  4. All these classics are on my TBR. I’m really looking forward to reading Rebecca for forever now. It sounds intriguing. I skipped the spoiler parts! She really compared herself to a dog?! 😶

  5. I love Jane Austen! But Northanger Abbey wasn’t my favorite haha but I am not big into mysteries. But yes, someone is always punchable! And I don’t think I would make a good Austen heroine but I really want to be one too haha

  6. I loved Anne of Green Gables when i was a kid! Haven’t read it as an adult though. But it’s now a series on netflix and it looks really good!

    I had my eyes on Rebecca for a while, mainly cuz my grandma was a fan and she kept telling me all the time to read it. I always resisted tho… not even sure why. It does sound good!

  7. OMG, yes, completely agree, as much as anyone can love Anne, you will eventually get a bit tired but towards the end she calmed down which really kicked in the “oh, wow, they’re all growing up” factor. Still love her though, what a unique character.

    But that’s one of the best things about Jane Austen novels, the heroines are always partying lol.

    Cannot remember the heroines name in Rebecca, but yes, she was a little mousy… and the dog comparison in that sense wouldn’t be too far off, he wanted someone the complete opposite of Rebecca after all that. She’s very sweet though. 🙂

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