Exercise Ideas for Bookworms

Exercise Ideas for Bookworms

Since we’re coming into Fall which is generally a busy time of year and I have to play games to make exercise an enjoyable option I thought hey, why not list best exercise ideas that my bookworm movie and bed loving self uses.


Work them into your reading:

10 Burpees Every Time You Finish a Chapter

Or if you know the author you could make it super detailed like:

25 jumping jacks every time you read the words “mating bond” in a Sarah J. Maas fairy book.

harry and hermione get caught

Once around the block every time Harry & Friends break the rules!

Posture & Core

Try the old walking with books balanced on your head. Posture and core is very important for pretty much any form of exercise.

Tone it Up Movie Night

tone it up movie night

This is one of my favorite workouts on Youtube from the ladies of Tone it Up also my longest running go to. It’s only slightly over ten minutes, low impact and you don’t even have to leave the bed.

Character Based Play List Dance Party

I used to love doing this! I had playlists for all the characters from Game of Thrones & I kind of want to get back into it. The dancing was not good but hey it’s fun to make and gets you moving.

And no one can ever convince me that Sansa and Dany wouldn’t be Taylor fans. (At least the book versions.)

If Possible Take a Class based on Your Favorite Character

evangeline lilly as the wasp

Want to learn to kick ass like Hope? Well, you got to train like her.

I have to be a little careful with this since so many of my favorite characters are powerful with the magic, rich enough to get themselves out of trouble or not exactly law-abiding in any case.


But even if you want to try something Harley related try gymnastics!

I originally got into horseback riding after watching Arwen ride in The Lord of the Rings.

Learn to sail like Lila Bard.

Grab a friend and pretend your Cersei Lannister and Catelyn Stark going to Yoga class together. *Whoever’s playing Cersei maybe don’t do it drunk.

Speaking of Yoga…

Couch Potato Yoga with Adrienne

coach potato yoga with adrienne

The name literally says it all. Couch Potato Yoga It’s under ten minutes and yoga is so important and beneficial for other reasons.



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  1. Ha this is fun! I just watched that Arwen riding scene the other day ( I was looking for GIF’s and videos for a post) and I forgot how awesome it was. 🙂

  2. I love this idea!! I have seen the idea of doing book based work outs (like when HP and gang break the rules) but based on TV shows. I have never seen it for books! Tho I get so engrossed in reading I would prolly forget to do the work out!!!

    In the past I have picked a book I really wanted to read and designated it as a “gym only” book, meaning I could only listen to it while working out. And since I was super into it I was motivated to go work out so I could listen to it!

    1. I do my best walking when listening to a good audible book but its so bloody hot right now (and the last couple of months) I’ve barely been doing that 🙂 I should just join a gym!

  3. Ah damn, this is good! Defo need more burpees in my life!

    I usually do banded exercises while i read. LOL. It’s easier with kindle cuz it’s light and i can hold it with one hand, so won’t fall on my face. Usually do glute bridges, leg extensions and such while reading… 😀 😀

  4. I love this. And I am with you! I need game based things to want to exercise. If it weren’t for just dance I’m not sure I’d get any exercise. I love that this is book based. And this is such a unique post!!!

  5. Omg LOOOOOOOOOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Awesome post. 👏
    “And no one can ever convince me that Sansa and Dany wouldn’t be Taylor fans.” Too true and there ain’t nothing wrong with listening to a bit of Taylor Swift. 😀 Arya would definitely listen to hard metal.

  6. This is suuuuuch a great idea! I’m quite innovative so I can’t believe that this idea never crossed my mind. From now on, I’ll do a little exercise for every 20 minutes I spend reading. It’s a great way to give your eyes a break too

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