Writer’s Box #2: August 2018

Scribbler August Box

So in July I received my first Scribbler box which is a subscription box for writers by writers and while I wasn’t big on it I decided to keep the subscription going for August.

I thought August -which was all about “Creating Tension” -really upped the game. I also must say that one of the “perks” from this box is getting to participate in private chats with industry insiders. I was late for the July event but watched it after and I did take some interesting information so I’m looking forward to the next one.

goodies in scribbler box

The Writing Passport this month was all about tension and the Insider Look into Publishing was about the editing process with Erin Bowman and Editorial Director Erica Sussman. Sussman is at HarperCollins and that’s who the chat will be with. Bowman is one of my favorite authors. But it did warn that spoilers were included so I haven’t really paid much attention to this.

We also got a cute little patch that says Write or Die (good picture taking skills huh?)


The book was Erin Bowman’s Contagion which was one of my most anticipated releases of the year. It came with a signed bookplate and a little quote postcard.

I would have been 100% over the moon about this one save for the fact that I had already bought the book. Oh well, I do love Bowman and I will donate one. I wish they would give better hints about the books included a la Owlcrate (which I always guess) or Fairyloot but I might have to see if I can find spoilers.

keychain, headphones and journal

We also got a little Find Your Story keychain (currently with my Darth Vader keychain. He did find his story.) A writing prompt and a very nice lined journal with a typewriter cover and headphones. I haven’t tried the headphones yet but I do appreciate the nice case they came in. Good to throw in my purse because usually I just manage to get headphones hopelessly tangled.

Scribbler costs $29.99 with added shipping. I’m still 50/50 on this box overall but the publishing information included, the behind the scenes look, has me letting the subscription roll over for another month. Just got to work out the book kinks.

September’s Theme is Breaking Writing Rules which should make for an interesting book choice.


  1. While I love reading posts about reading and writing box subscriptions, I’ve never thought they were something I’d consider. This one interests me a lot though. I’m interested to see what the next box brings you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m a total sucker for any book mail for a couple of months and then I look around and realize that’s a lot of crap I don’t need minus the book and take a break for a while 🙂
      Looking forward to the next one as well though!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Chats with industry insiders and writing prompts sound really interesting! I’m really intrigued and looking forward to hearing about next month’s book already.

    Bummer about that book though. Fingers crossed your next one works out better.

    Liked by 1 person

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