Wizards vs. Witches in Equal Rites

equal rites

Equal Rites

By: Terry Pratchett

Grade: A

A dying wizard passes along his magic staff to the chosen eighth son of an eighth son. Only whoops- someone really should have checked on that first cause the son number eight happens to be a daughter and well, girls can’t become wizards!

Which after reading about the (not so) braintrusts of the wizarding world in the first two books you’d think gender shouldn’t be an issue.

Girls can become witches. Only Esk- the girl in question is pretty much leaking power and its up to Granny Weatherwax to train her and then get her into the Wizard University.

Also sentient staff takes the place of wild sentient luggage.

Credit where credit is due to Amazon as well. When I went to buy this baby for my Kindle they helpfully informed me I already owned it buying it way back in October 2015.

I also liked this one a lot. I feel like Equal Rites is starting to get to the Discworld that I want to read about and be a part of and also like Pratchett is digging in and finding his groove here- so to speak. Granny Weatherwax is a fascinating character and there were some points around her magic and the magic system overall that were quiet interesting. From what I understand she appears later in Discworld and I’m looking forward to that.

The jokes, the gender stuff and the point it can make about our world, well this is where Discworld really works. It can get a little over the top at times. I must say reading it in the series was less strange (perhaps obviously) than reading it just out of the blue. I felt like I was more grounded in the world.

If anyone can be grounded in Discworld.

Enjoyment of the series is growing and I’m looking forward to going on especially now that I’ve knocked off the two books I’d already previously done.

Recommend: Yes. Like I said you can go into this one without reading the first two- it just might take some getting used to.

Special thanks to the organizers of this series read along and all the participants including:

Pages Below the Vaulted Sky

A Storm of Pages

The Bookworm Drinketh

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  1. “Equal Rites is starting to get to the Discworld that I want to read about and be a part of” 100% agree! I felt like I could actually appreciate all the characters and the themes this time around! And I guess sentient objects is kind of Pratchett’s thing? 😀

  2. I think we’re all very much agreed that this is the first book that gives us that Discworld vibe that gets you interested in the rest of the series! We do indeed see Granny Weatherwax again – I can think of at least two times, if not more! Look forward to Mort next month, it’s one of my favourites 🙂

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