Finally Mulan!



Directed By: Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook

Grade: A

I watched Mulan for the first time ever this month and I’m using it for my Blindspot Series for September even though it wasn’t on my list!

I was more than a little excited to see this one (and a couple of other Disney animated movies I missed) on Netflix. So it was lovely to check Mulan off my list.

The movie tells the story of Mulan whose father is called up to fight in the Chinese Army but an older man his only child is pretty sure he’s not going to make it back so instead she hacks off her hair pretends to be a boy and goes in his place with the help of a guide sent by her ancestors.

Fa Mulan

It was weird to actually watch this. Mainly because I used to work at a children’s ride and we played the Disney soundtracks all bloody day. So I still knew the songs. Even though its been a couple of years and I guess knowing the songs feels like knowing the movie.

Also sad but true there was a couple of moments where I was wondering how she winds up a Princess but I think I actually like Li Shang, as a character, more than any of the other Disney Prince’s.

The voice work is great. Ming-Na Wen, B.D. Wong and Eddie Murphy probably being the biggest most recognizable names. I think the movie still looked really good to and it’s an easy story that’s still very deep somehow. Though I think one of the other endings I’ve heard when her father dies when she’s gone anyway is how they should end the live action. But then again I’m just in a mood.

Chinese Celebration in Mulan

Also- obviously totally made me more excited for the upcoming live action.

I’m glad I finally got to see this one. I still need to watch: The Little Mermaid, Pochantas, Lilo & Stitch, The Emperor’s New Groove, Hercules and Aladdin than I can be all caught up on this period of animation.

Recommend: Of course! 

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  1. I am ashamed to say I haven’t really watched most Disney films, but Mulan looks amazing so when I do, Mulan will be a priority. There’s just something about Li Shang that I just know he probably is the best Disney Prince.

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