Thoughts on Dumbledore, Nagini and Grindelwald…


I am a huge fan of movie trailers. Sometimes I like them more than the actual movie and I must admit the last Fantastic Beasts trailer finally did the trick of getting me excited about The Crimes of Grindelwald (still a dreadful title.)

There’s a lot to get into and speculate about…


claudia kim as nagini

I actually saw an interview where Claudia Kim revealed her character before I saw the trailer and I have to admit… I kind of cringed. Like Voldemort’s snake was a human woman? (I know. I know Nagini was a maledictus but its never something that’s concentrated on in the movies. I never thought I was supposed to look at Nagini and think that was a human once.)

The actress seems like a lovely person whose thrilled about this and other people have discussed the potential problems and how it plays better than I can. I do agree maybe Rowling should leave some of this stuff alone.

I think it bothers me from a story standpoint because is it going to connect? Does it have to connect? Actually putting a face to Nagini instead of just having Kim play another part kind of seems like something I didn’t really need to know and I have to wonder if it’s always going to color how I look at Neville’s big moment in the series as well.

World War I

cowering newt

There seems to be a bit where someone (maybe Newt?) is remembering the war- right before he winds up cowering here. Could be not connected but I did find that interesting.  What did the Wizards do during the war? Is that where Grindelwald came up with his manifesto?

FYI I should admit here while I love the Wizarding World that Rowling has created I don’t follow her pronouncements on-line or Pottermore or anything like that.

But the most interesting part of this movie to me is…

jude law as dumbledore


And I swear it’s not (solely) because Jude Law is rocking a beard and that old-fashioned look. But in a very good trailer the mirror part with him and Grindelwald was the most compelling for me. (My thoughts about Depp aside I think he and Law could potentially knock this out of the part- if the film makers are willing to go for it!)

Bad relationships aside Dumbledore even in Harry Potter was making some questionable decisions with (I think) the best intentions. Him stating outright that he can’t move against Grindelwald but sending a former student who, at least on the surface, seems like an easy mark for Grindelwald really makes me wonder.

young grindelwald in crimes

And then he goes on to find Tom Riddle and Harry and friends mostly have to clean up that mess as well. But that’s a whole other story.

Albus Dumbledore as a character is fascinating.

Which does bring me to my worry about this trailer… There’s a lot of characters. A lot going on I hope story doesn’t get lost in spectacle. Like I love Ezra Miller to bits but did we need Credence back? Nicholas Flemel is cool but I hope he actually does something instead of just being an Easter Egg callout to Harry Potter.

leta lestrange

Finally I do like Leta Lestrange’s line about Newt, “never meeting a monster he couldn’t love…” Maybe that will be the secret of his success? I mean he did get Grindelwald in the first film (accidentally to be sure he wasn’t looking for him.) But he does have his friends and a way of seeing things that the Ministry agents going after Grindelwald seem to lack.

There’s a lot in this trailer and I’m hoping for the best (lots of hot Dumbledore) 🙂 but hell, I’m sure at the least I’ll be entertained and the trailer did the trick I’m finally truly excited for this one!

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  1. Boy, oh, boy, JK Rowling is problematic as hell. There really didn’t need to be a backstory for Nagini, especially one which involves a white man with a WOC slave. And she got the origins wrong as well, Nagini – Nagin means snake in Sanskrit, there’s even a show in India about Nagin which is portrayed by Mouni Roy. And then there’s Johnny Depp… I clocked out after that. Otherwise this would have been the first post-Harry Potter film I was actually interested in watching because the premise is fascinating. She cannot even apologise or take responsibility which would have at least made her human. Nope, done.

  2. I had never realized Nagini’s backstory was something people wanted? But then I didn’t care about the snake in the original series. Claudia Kim seems great though its a shame they couldn’t find something else cool for her to do. I do not understand why they didn’t keep Colin Farrell- I don’t even really like Farrell but thought he was great in the first movie. I think Depp was probably contracted before his mess started but they certainly doubled down with him didn’t they?

  3. I saw somewhere that Nagini being a person makes Neville a murderer but he kills her in the battle of Hogwarts right? Weren’t there lots of deaths during the battle? Both good guys and death eaters? So if it was during the battle then its no different then Neville fighting a person and therefore won’t change how I feel about him!! Especially if he didn’t know it was a person (and I am assuming he didn’t know!!)

    1. Did anyone know she was a person? I keep hearing she was a maledictus or whatever and that must have gone right over my head 🙂 No way Neville could have known!

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