My Horror Genre Confessions

my horror confessions

It’s October. It’s Halloween. My favorite month of the year- well tied with December. And I am in the mood to scare myself. I think I might have committed to seeing Halloween no less. What was I thinking? I don’t know.

But it seems like a good time to document my somewhat embarrassing past with the whole horror genre.

I turned my head and covered my ears anytime she started the hypnotism crap just in the previews for Get Out. Cause I’m convinced I would be that easy to hypnotize and it freaks me out.

the hypnosis scene
Don’t listen to her!

I do not care for “classic” zombies. I like them fast, animalistic and somewhat smart. Also immediately changing. I could survive The Walking Dead. (Well until the chocolate goes.) I could not survive Train to Busan/ World War Z.

world war z
I liked the film better but still.

Movies? I am usually fine watching them but I judge a good horror by how many times I check under the bed and how long I have to sleep with the television on.

Of all the Stephen King monsters and killers Carrie White’s mother still scares me and creeps me out the most.


When I do read scary books I do not keep them in my room (unless their on my Kindle.) Also when I’m finished with them whether I liked them or not first ones donated.

After seeing that movie the Ring I covered my television at night for like a year. Why? I don’t know. I mean if somethings going to climb out of your television they aren’t going to be bothered by a towel hanging over it.

samara in the ring

I don’t know what came first the fear of spiders or Arachnophobia. But seeing as how it’s a dumb thing to see if you’re scared of spiders I’ll go with the film and make myself feel better.

The main thing I remember, still, about any of the Scream movies is the movie theater stabbings and I still think of it when I see people dressed in any costume.

scream movie theater killings
Not your boyfriend! Not your boyfriend!

Still bitter The Sixth Sense got spoiled for me.

I can never see that famous Alien stomach busting scene without thinking about the Spaceballs spoof & wanting to laugh.

spaceball aliens

When I do get start a “crime” book or film I always get to a point where I must finish it because I have to know if the bad guy is still out there. Out where? I don’t know. It just makes me feel better.

I prefer pretty much any kind of horror over crime/serial killer crap. That stuff is all to real in ways killer aliens probably won’t be. (Fingers crossed.)

Anyway those are my somewhat embarrassing horror admittances. And also looking over the list a pretty good wrap-up of all the things that scare me otherwise. Happy October!


12 thoughts on “My Horror Genre Confessions

  1. Haha at least you are willing to do horror! I don’t do it at all. Last time I went into a haunted house I was probably 12 and had to leave halfway through because I was too scared. 🙂 So don’t be embarrassed!!

  2. I’m not a big fan of zombies either even though I watch The Walking Dead *rolls eyes*. But at least they’re slow moving. The ones in World War Z- good grief how am I supposed to get away from THOSE?

    And yeah no serial killer/ true crime for me- that’s too close to reality. 🙁

  3. Carrie’s mum is the worst!

    I was already quite old (like 13 or so) when i watched arachnophobia, and i defo hated spiders even before.
    One day we had a real life horror show, when my mum found a massive spider in the bathroom. I haven’t seen it cuz she’d taken it down, but she said it looked like someone’s exotic pet got loose. LOL. I honestly don’t even want to know.

    1. Oh man. The biggest one I ever saw just literally crawled up the wall in my room one day. I screamed so loudly and awfully my family thought I was being killed and then when they saw it literally no one wanted to go near it 🙂 Glad you didn’t have to see the one your mom found!

  4. Are you going to watch The Haunting of Hill House? I wasn’t really interested and then I saw a review and ended up binging it in two days. It was really dark and sad and creepy and I loved it except for the last few minutes.

    1. I started it and was going to continue. I’ve heard people mention kittens though and something that people should be warned about so I’m unsure. Do not like any violence against animals. What I saw though was really good and like you said, sad.

      1. The kittens are not harmed, I can tell you that much! But people are. It’s definitely not something to watch if violence is difficult. And if harmed children is difficult. (although it’s not graphic really, just really sad).

      2. I’ll take that into account. To be honest violence against animals bothers me more than people sometimes. Nellie and Luke were especially heartbreaking in episode one though so that might be tough 🙂

  5. I had to cover the picture of Samara with my hand, damn, what a freaky child she was lol. This is so relatable. Horror films will have you avoiding the weirdest things.

    The Ring = covering the TV
    The Omen = crows
    Final Destination = traffic and any big trucks
    Nightmare on Elm Street = sleep

    Horror films will make everything scary. Great post!

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