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The Drinking Scene I Wanted: The Crown Season 2

Queen Elizabeth in the Crown

The Crown Season 2

Grade: B+

The Crown apparently thinks its alright to mention Phillip going and getting drunk with the Queen Mum and Tommy Lascelles and not actually show us… Like come on! In a season fairly heavy on inner personal turmoil that’s the stuff I want to see!

I’m going to have a hard time letting go of Matt Smith as Phillip.

The season dives into Prince Phillip quiet a bit. Smith is fantastic of course and honestly Phillip is an interesting character. A congenial charming ball of pain, arrogance and, a rough past full of family tragedy that episode 9 deals with paralleling him with his son Charles. Which seriously- if its true explains a lot about Charles.

In terms of performances you simply can’t fault The Crown and I liked the little bits about the royals and really the world moving into the future.

I still Googled world events in the show like crazy. I think one of the reasons I didn’t enjoy this as much was I’m just not as in love with the time period. But it’s still excellent. The show can ring high drama from pretty much anything. Helped a lot by the score I admit.

I do think however they made Margaret a little too heavy on the bitter and bitchy. Which worries me a bit cause even though Helena Bonham Carter can pull off anything considering the material in season three I hope she can bring the charm. Vanessa Kirby and Matthew Goode are crazy talented but there was one bit at the end where I kind of cringed.

It leaned toward, I hate to say it, shrewish…

And more than enough has been said about Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth but I think my favorite scene of hers is when Charles is returning from a rough year at boarding school and she seems really happy to see him. But we watch him happily greet the nanny and greet a footman. She never goes to him. He never sees her. And she turns and walks away.

I would have liked a little more Uncle David this season as well. I think the actor (Alex Jennings) is so much fun. The episode delving into his past with the Nazis was a standout of the season.

Obviously they’re aging everyone else up but I hope somehow they keep him and Wallis.

I’m hoping for a date on season three soon- so I can start a countdown 🙂

Recommend: Yes. I might not have enjoyed it as much as the first season but its still a great entertaining drama with top acting and character work. It kept my attention from beginning to end.

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