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End of the Year Plans Tag!

the end of year reading tag

Okay, so technically it’s a little early for Christmas- though that and the end of the year are approaching at the speed of holiday shopping. So I thought I’d do the End of Year Tag originally created by Ariel Bisette  over on Youtube.

It’s technically for books but I’m a tag rule bender so I’m adding movies to…

A book I need to Finish by the End of the Year

I haven’t made it past chapter one and truth be told… I haven’t really wanted to try again. Then somewhat along the lines of the disastrous-

Drugs actually make for dreadfully boring journal entries. I never like to say DNF but this one is probably headed in that direction.

A transition book to ease you into the end of the year?

I’m going to have to go with a classic answer here in books and movies:

I include the whole series but there’s something about them that just scream Christmas for me!

A new release I’m still waiting on:

That would be Aquaman of course.

Honestly, there’s a couple of big books coming out in January but nothing else I’ve been waiting on for the rest of 2018 so hopefully my wallet will get a book buying break.

One that could still be a favorite?


I have high hopes for Skyward which is going to be my first Brandon Sanderson read. There’s also-

Dragonshadow- the sequel to Heartstone

 A Pride and Prejudice retelling with dragons that I read and enjoyed earlier this year so hey- that’s also another book I’m looking forward to that’s still to come!

Have I started making plans for 2019?

Ah, the best laid plans and all that. Crazily enough yes I have though I’m trying to keep them vague for now and not get ahead of myself. I did go and buy a second planner solely for books, movies, shows and blogging (not that I use my planners now) so I’m prepared!


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