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Daredevil vs. Kingpin

daredevil season three

 Daredevil Season3

Grade: A

Daredevil Season Three will likely go down as the quickest I’ve ever binge watched anything. Four days. I couldn’t stop. It was, for me, the very definition of addictive.

Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) is a mess on a good day these days he’s hiding in the basement of a church trying to recover and convinced that God well, if he’s not out to get him probably just doesn’t like him. He’s giving up on Matt Murdock and just going to be Daredevil from now on.

Daredevil back in the black suit.

 And since the season begins with his violent arch-nemesis Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) cutting a deal to be released (under penthouse arrest anyway) maybe he does have a point. Though only Matt Murdock can try the patience of a nun.

Daredevil listens in. 

I actually enjoyed his religious conversations and otherwise with Sister Maggie (Joanne Whalley) even if Matt did occasionally make me want to roll my eyes and slap him upside the head at least she calls him out on it.

The plot of season three isn’t anything new as Matt, Karen and Foggy go to the edge to bring Fisk down the hero must grapple with not just what he’s willing to do but how much he’s like those he fits against. Meanwhile Fisk provides the city with a Daredevil of his making and one that is seemingly unbeatable.

Daredevil take 2

The action is amazing this series. I mean I’m not usually an action girl but the Daredevil fights are excellent. The rage filled showdown at the end was well down (even though I was also rolling my eyes at Matt at times and the long take hallway scene reminded me of Mad Max Fury Road in how I like my action. Grant you no cars of course. But it was clear and consistent and I could see absolutely everything.

Wilson Fisk rules as Kingpin.

What really amazed me was the pace of this season. I am someone who finds the Marvel Netflix shows drag something awful. This had a slow(ish) beginning but just built and built.

I actually wanted more because on kind of a downside Sister Maggie does kind of disappear at the end and Fisk and Vanessa’s relationship kind of sort maybe started to get weird, on his part. And those things just kind of ended abruptly.

The acting was on-point throughout. In fact I think this is the best it’s ever been. With also great performances from Jay Ali and Wilson Bethel. I read somewhere that the show runners said they wanted to make every character the protagonist of their own story this year and they did a great job with that.

Unpopular opinion: Foggy is sweet but also a bit of a naive bore 🙂

Karen has had enough.

Special shout-out to Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Paige. I’ve liked the actress since she was Jessica on True Blood and she really shined this season. Her scene with Fisk was mesmerizing (if the Emmys were fair D’Onofrio, at least, would be a contender next year.) Plus she stood up to Matt on occasion and low and behold they actually do have chemistry!

Needless to say I was thrilled with this season even with it’s few bumps (Vanessa and Fisk being one. I am a little torn since season four is so up in the air. A big part of me wants more naturally and another part of me says go out on a high note.

Recommend: Yes. And while you should probably have the history I am only just now watching season one for the first time and I never did finish the Defenders neither of those things hurt the viewing experience at all for me.

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