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Friendsgiving Invitations: Top 5 Wednesday

the avengers team up for friendsgiving

So this weeks Top 5 Wednesday Topic is the Top 5 Characters You’d Invite for Friendsgiving and this really depends on what kind of Friendsgiving do you want to have.

Do you want a party? Peace and quiet? Someone else to do all the work while you spend the day reading? (Yes.) All my book boyfriends?  To many decisions! This is why I never host dinner!


We can read together! Actually I’d invite all the Princesses from Ralph Breaks the Internet but I’m trying to keep it to one!

Tony Stark

He’s not having the best year and he’s probably going to be lonely this holiday so hopefully a nice meal will cheer him up.

Crowley and Aziraphale

Okay so I haven’t read this yet and I’m doubling up already but an angel and a demon at Friendsgiving especially an angel who only sells the books in his shop when he really, really has to! Sounds like someone who would get along great with Belle!

She can cook!

Taylor Swift

This counts okay! There have been books written about her and there was that Starbucks Lover’s book a while back. (And yes, I totally read it!) I’d hate to make her cook after a long tour but she could at least do the deserts!

Cersei Lannister & Catelyn Stark

Because I always thought they would be friends. Okay, I thought that for like a second but it would have been fun!

Aquaman at Thanksgiving!


Okay, Arthur Curry’s presence would be just for me but still I deserve a gift for making it through dinner!

And now that I’ve tortured this tag with the strangest Friendsgiving Ever whether you celebrate or not I hope you all have an excellent Thursday!

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