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The 5 Smartest Characters in Discworld (So Far…)


Sourcery Discworld #5

By: Terry Pratchett

So we’ve come to book five of the Discworld read along and the war between Wizardry and Sourcery that threatens the very fate of Discworld itself.

While I was reading this one I couldn’t help shake my head thinking, none of these wizards are exactly braintrusts are they? Which then got me thinking it’s a fine time for the 5 Smartest Discworld Characters.
  1. Luggage: They should elect it Leader at this point.
  2. Granny Weatherwax: We haven’t seen a lot of her granted but that could be to her benefit.
  3. The Librarian who was cursed into an Ape and then stayed that way cause… bananas. Which is understandable to be honest.
  4. Rincewind: he’s not the best wizard no but he could very well be the smartest. He’s the everyman of Discworld. He knows his limitations and his fears but manages to get the job done anyway.
  5. Death: Okay, he gets tricked pretty easily in Sourcery but I was really low on options for a fifth.

Sourcery was fine. I actually was glad to see Rincewind though in this one I wasn’t the least bit fond of his companions. Seriously, you hurt Luggage’s feelings and I don’t care if you’re the main female in a series still hurting for female characters you can just jump off a disc into the void!

Basically the 8th son of an 8th son of an 8th son or whatever takes over the University in order to exact his father’s revenge and honestly I wish there had been more focus on him.

As the magic branches out and causes destruction- hell even the mattresses leave the university- it’s up to Rincewind and his companions to somehow save the day. Even if they don’t necessarily mean to! The end is a mad whirlwind of chaos in which growing up and making your own choices does play a part and oh my poor Luggage!

While this isn’t my favorite I do feel like it expanded the world and I actually hope this isn’t the last we see of Rincewind. He’s growing on me. What can I say?

Recommend: Yes. You’ve made it to book 5! It’s still fun and quick and you’ve got 30 some more to go. It’s only getting stranger people! I’m really hoping by like book 15 I can do a list of great (or even good) female characters!

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