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My First Die Hard

die hard

Die Hard

Directed By: John McTiernan

Grade: A-

Die Hard was my Blind Spot movie for November because I am in a very weird holiday mood. It was Die Hard or Krampus. But this… this turned out to be a good pick. Not sure I’d classify it as a Christmas movie as much as some people do but whatever.

It has young cute Alan Rickman in a suit.

Hans Gruber

I also think Die Hard is one of those movies I’ve seen parts of over the years heard about it. But this was my first time actually sitting down and watching it.

Hans Gruber goes and takes an office party hostage on Christmas Eve which definitely ruins Bruce Willis night and his reunion with his wife (Bonnie Bedelia) though he was doing fine ruining that on his own. So really I think he owes Hans for the help there.
Rickman is great and Hans is smart and funny. Bruce Willis is great. He starts out with no shoes and loses the shirt at some point which made me think of course of Rickman’s line in Galaxy Quest to Jason about always finding a way to get his shirt off.

I sometimes feel Rickman was underrated for his humorous roles.

Bruce Willis in Die Hard

The action is excellent. I actually think it holds up pretty good. It’s gritty for the most part- it gets over the top at the end naturally. It was the 80’s.

The movie actually gives us people to hate more than Hans (which is good cause I kind of loved him) like that scum ball reporter and the ridiculous FBI agents. Reginald VelJohnson (who will naturally always bring up Steve Urkel in my mind) has some nice moments although I saw that ending coming from the minute he brings up about the shooting.
Regardless it was a fun time if a little predictable. And oh, the 80s hair and clothes! Nice action, lines and acting. I’m glad I gave it a go. Though I still plan on watching Krampus.

Recommend: Yes.

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