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Holiday Reading Ideas

the grinch and max

Let’s call this a little Holiday/Christmas Reading Ideas List. Mainly because a TBR always feels like pressing my luck. I am in a very holiday mood right now although so far the only Christmas shopping I’ve done has been for me 🙂 Got to get on that!

Reading Ideas Ahead:

I think I can do Tolkien in letter form. In fact I’m interested in giving it a go in the book of a series of letters that he wrote to his son as Father Christmas.

The man who took us to Oz does Santa Claus. Expectations that this will be interesting to say the very least.


I don’t really know anything about these children’s books except I love the covers and Matt Haig (The Humans, How to Stop Time) is fast becoming a favorite of mine. Plus these should be quick reads and were super good prices on Kindle.

The Enchanted Sonata is a Nutcracker retelling. I’ve heard good things about this one and I’m more interested in the story after having seen the film even if that was a big disappointing.

This book sounds kind of sad. But it’s a good chance to read Backman and the audio book is under an hour long according to Scribd.

Nothing better than short story collections when the holidays get crazy. It has a Doctor for everyone (save the most recent) and I feel like it could give me a good idea of the style of the Doctors I missed. And the ones I miss (Tenant, Eccleston.) Plus the Doctor is well known for Christmas specials (save this year) so I have my fingers crossed it will work.

Another collection of short stories and recipes. I read the authors Orange is Not the Only Fruit earlier this year and really liked her writing. Might put this off until closer to Christmas but I’m interested to see what Jeanette Winterson does here.

The Man Who Invented Christmas has been on my list since last year and I’m very interested to read about A Christmas Carol and everything that went on behind the scenes and during its release. Should be a good one. There’s also a film with Dan Stevens I hope to have time to check out.

So there’s a list of my holiday reading hopes along with all the usual reads. Mainly I want to get to The Girl in the Tower this month so I’m ready for Winter of the Witch in January  plus I have one more book left in the Grisha Trilogy so I’m prepped for King of Scars.


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