Bookish Gift Ideas + A Promo Code!

bookish gift ideas 2018

I was working on a gift ideas list for 2018 when contacted by the lovely people at Literary Bookgifts to see about offering a promo code. I loved their stuff and honestly it helped me crystalize my thoughts so if you check out their website you can use the code BookBeachBunny20 for 20% off!

Literary Bookgifts offers great shirts and totes

don quixote shirt
don quixote men’s shirt
alice's adventures in wonderland shirt
alice’s adventures

They have mens and women’s but I really like a lot of color options and a great idea for a gift is to grab a tote bag and fill it with books… then it serves as wrapping as well!

pride and prejudice tote bag

Or even if you don’t want to do books you can fill the tote with DVD’s. Maybe they love Pride and Prejudice (or just Jane Austen) you can fill it with all the movie adaptations available. Totes are great, you can get a lot of use out of them and even better… I don’t have to wrap anything!

odyssey tote bag

Thanks again for kindly providing the Promo Code!

Reading Slippers & Socks

dearfoam slippers at dsw
Dearfoam Slippers from DSW

I am an absolute sucker for reading slippers or just slippers period and I know a lot of people have comfy reading socks you can do either or both and pair them up with some good book options..

Like my brother got me a pair of cat slippers last year with that Signs to Tell Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You (no doubt.) Or you can choose another animal and go with Animal Farm. I mean you can find a book for pretty much any animal that’s a slipper!

There’s also wine slippers that I’ve had my eyes on for a certain someone. Pick a good mystery to go with those like The Lies You Told and maybe add in a few face masks.

You can probably tell I like to theme my gifts and I can find a book for pretty  much anything!

TBR Cart

tbr cart ikea
Raskog Cart Ikea

I know that I’ve wanted a TBR cart since I saw it on Babbling Books. And again one of the best things about going with a TBR cart you (and whoever you’re giving it to) can style it anyway they want including repainting and adding little knick-knacks.

It could save space and I like to say it could help me actually read the books on my TBR! Which is like a gift that keeps on giving 🙂


These are like a great gift topper… or a stocking stuffer come to think of it and you can find them for all kinds of fandoms over on Etsy. Mainly at very good prices for that matter. My all time favorite though is…

ink and wonder woodmarks

The Ink and Wonder wood marks. (These are just four of my well, fourteen.) She has them for all kinds of books including classics and television shows like Stranger Things and Riverdale. Based in Australia shipping is around two weeks for me but never longer.

Another good shop to check out is

shop lucy in the sky

Shop Lucy in the Sky  over on Etsy. Not only does she have these beautiful bookmarks (there’s an entire collection of Jane Austen bookmarks!) but also prints in the same style for a myriad of different books and she’s started selling tote bags as well! Her prices are very good and she ships within a few days of ordering.

So I hope this helps with some gift ideas & thanks to Literary Bookgifts for the code!


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  1. I have that exact same cart on my Christmas list this year! Tho I wanted it to keep my “hobby of the Month” items stored nicely in the living room, instead of needing to put them away where ever else in the house they belong. I never thought of using as a TBR cart …. I might have to use one of the buckets for that (if I get it haha)

    And I would LOVE anyone who got me a tote bag filled with Pride and Prejudice adaptations <3 What a great idea!

    1. I like to tell my family if I get a TBR cart I will definitely finish everything on the cart before buying more but they doubt me. Good idea as a hobby cart to 🙂

  2. Great ideas! 🙂
    I love the idea of those reading slippers but I worry they would be something my dog would struggle with, he is so naughty with slippers. He was scared of my big fluffy ones when he was a puppy but has shredded them to pieces once he realised he could chew them… and he loves chewing he he.

  3. OMG a TBR cart! That is the best idea I’ve heard in ages! Then I can pretend to be an actual librarian (yes I am a fully grown adult).

    Also, those wooden bookmarks are 😍😍😍

      1. Thank you! I’m having a little play with it tonight. I’m currently collecting all the books from round the house…didn’t realise there were *quite* so many!

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