The Artwork Made Me Buy It

Reverse book cover litjoy

So I never had any interest in Litjoy until I actually watched an Unboxing for October and the art and differences of the book were so interesting I picked up the November box!

December is sold out but subscriptions are available. I thought I’d post what was in the box if people are still looking for gift ideas.

The Wren Hunt

The book was The Wren Hunt by Mary Watson. It’s a story about two different factions battling for what’s left of the magic and it’s based on old Irish legends which totally and completely appealed to me. Never heard of the book before but I’ve already read it and really enjoyed it.

But the art was what really interested me about the box.

Reverse book cover litjoy

It has a reverse book cover by Kirsty Carter that I just love. Works in the story and has this very cracked and haunted Alice in Wonderland vibe.

fan art inside the wren hunt

It has a page inside the book of art (also by Carter.) An authors signature as well as the letter being attached inside the book…

letter inside book

Which I love because I have a hard time keeping track. Honestly I just throw most of the other letters in a folder that I tell myself I’ll put them back with the books one day. So overall loved the way they did the book.

Feyre art print

They also included a really beautiful art print of Feyre painting by Bloody Damnit and I must admit I absolutely love this art. I didn’t even recognize her at first because Rhys isn’t hanging over her.

There’s also trading cards of Magnus and Alec from the Mortal Instruments series. Litjoy is doing a whole stack of 54 with different characters.

other goodies in Litjoy November

There was also a Professor Trelawny Woodmark from Ink and Wonder. I love these bookmarks so I was thrilled to get a new one.

The Celtic Inspired pouch is also really beautiful. It’s sturdy good quality done by Eden Cooke.

And the Forbidden Forest candle is by Nerdy Alchemy and I actually really like the smell of it. Usually these little book candles are cutesy but they don’t really do anything for me they aren’t strong enough. But this has a really nice crisp well, forest smell, that I quiet liked.

Litjoys YA Crate is $29.99 a month and they do ship internationally though those rates will apply.

Overall my first Litjoy was a total win worth it for the art stuff and the bookmark alone.


  1. Professor Trelawny woodmark is damn cute. Not a fan of Feyre, but her art print is so adorable. Overall, this box-set will definitely brighten up the holiday season of a bookworm. 🙂

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