The Best Discworld Yet

wyrd sisters

Wyrd Sisters

By: Terry Pratchett

Grade: A+

“When you break the rules, break ’em good and hard.”

Welcome back Granny Weatherwax! The sixth book in the Discworld series brings in three great female characters, several Shakespeare illusions, playing with time and is all about the power of words and stories to shape and change our realities. All things that I love so I can safely say Wyrd Sisters is my favorite.

The old King murdered. The new one going mad. The heir seemingly lost to the wild and the land not liking any of that very much the only ones who can fix the mess are Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat.

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Like the great leads Wyrd Sisters might also be the first of the books that is working in a serious amount of deep stuff and not just comedy. The acting trope and the Shakespeare references were well done. The new mad King decides a play will be written to shape the reality of what really happened the night the old King died because people only really need to hear a story told to believe it.

He’s not wrong. We see that in our everyday lives.

I liked Granny distinguishing between land and Kingdom/country.

Tomjon not wanting to manifest his destiny was a nice touch as well as the amusing Nanny Ogg stuff. Wild witch πŸ˜‰

Things get lyrical when they start considering meddling with time and what time itself really means.Β “And then she recalled weeks that had flown past and afternoons that had lasted forever. Some minutes had lasted hours, some hours had gone past so quickly she hadn’t been aware they’d gone past at all…”

So basically six books into Discworld Wyrd Sisters hit a vast number of my buttons- even without my favorite character (Luggage.)

Recommend: Yes.Β And while this is book two for Granny I think you can easily read this one as a standalone.