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Resolutions Unhaul 2019!

letting it go

I love making lists. Resolutions. Bucket lists. 10, 20, 30 things to do before (insert age.) Going through my endless old journals the other day I found a frightening amount of these. And I thought- it’s time to let some of these go. They just aren’t going to happen and maybe I can focus more on the things that will.

So below the long-term resolutions I love that I’m letting go of…

Learn a language

I’ve tried. I’ve tried since high school. French, Spanish, German and an ill-conceived go with Latin. I did best with sign language actually but I just don’t keep it up and I have a feeling in order for it to really stick with me I’d need to be immersed in it to such a degree that’s not likely.

Learn to surf.

This usually says learn to surf or ski and I decided to lose surfing because there are just too many variables and complications in an ocean. When I say I still want to ski I mean just put on the skies and push down a bunny slope once or twice. I can probably manage that easier than riding a wave.

So skiing remains on the list.

Run the Disney Marathon

At least I was being reasonable here and saying Disney and not like the New York marathon or something. I probably just wanted to go to Disneyland when I wrote this because unless, “Jason Mamoa is waiting at the finish line,” is what I hear I’m probably not running anywhere and even then I probably wouldn’t make it.

Pay off my Credit Card Debt

I wish I could let it go. I mean if it hasn’t happened yet… But I should probably buckle down on this one. Kids learn from my stupid childish mistakes. If you say credit cards are for emergencies that does not mean expensive Christmas gifts that you couldn’t pay for otherwise or your Netflix subscription so you, ‘don’t have to think about it.’

Learn How to Change Oil/Tire

I actually wrote this about two years ago when I paid off my car so yeah, it makes sense that I would want to practice good car ownership. But it’s probably better if I don’t get anywhere near those things. For me and the car.

Learn How to Play a Musical Instrument

A couple of years ago my mom actually had a piano- it was my grandparents and they downsized she stored it. I never touched it. She sold it after awhile and I probably only realized that could have been my chance when I was looking through those lists. Shows you how much I really wanted it.

This isn’t the end of the resolutions. I still have a million places I want to travel. A millions novels I’d like to write (or just finish one and publish it at this point!) People I’d like to meet and things I’d like to conquer but these few are snowflakes in my mind now drifting away.

And I’m going to see if I can tear myself away from The Wicked King long enough to finish cleaning this stuff out and organizing my shelves!

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