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Nancy Drew, Oscars Noms & Funko Fail

sophie lillis as nancy drew

Did I completely miss we’re getting a Nancy Drew adaptation this year? I admit I’m possibly more excited about Sophie Lillis (IT) playing Nancy because that just seems like great casting.

I’m not expecting it to be the greatest movie ever but it looks funny, cute and seems to have an emphasis on the friendships.

It opens on March 15th and I have to admit I can’t help but wish it was going to be on Netflix or opening in February because I just think it’s likely to get crushed with some pretty big movies in March and not much of anything for the next couple of weeks.

Oscar Nominations

They happened as well this week and I have to say if I thought they’d snub anyone it would have been Gaga so good on her!

But they’re already playing up the fact that Glenn Close is now the actress with the most nominations to never have won so my money would be on her. Even though I think it should be Olivia Colman from The Favourite.

I’ve only seen four of the eight best pictures and I liked them all but even there none of them are like oh yeah, that’s definitely best movie of the year for me.

Lastly I saw Funko was releasing new Game of Thrones pops and got my hopes up for a Catelyn but really should have known better.

Me: Ugh! How many versions of the same character do people need?

BF: How many versions of Harley Quinn do you have?

Me: Not the point!

And for the record only 5 🙂

So yeah Nancy Drew! Eh, sure whatever to the Oscars & boo to Funko! (But I hope anyone that’s excited about them truly enjoys them.)



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