You are Lost: A January Sum-Up

emily and stephanie in a simple favor

After years of being generally perfect early in December WordPress started giving me trouble mainly with leaving Likes but occasionally with comments. It’s been really all over the place and I haven’t had a great deal of time to get a handle on that. But then the other night I was dreaming and I was looking at all the like icons on someones blog…

And then off to the side all by itself, mine. Under the heading You are Lost.

Even my dreams are fucking with me this month.

I’ve been all over the place this month & I don’t want this to be so I will keep it simple:

Favorite Film:

a simple favor

A Simple Favor

This Blake Lively/Anna Kendrick thriller was great fun and honestly besides Glass (which I saw in theaters) it might be the only film I watched in one setting.

Favorite Show:

This season of The Good Place ended strong and I finished A Discovery of Witches last night which I really enjoyed. I’ve also been careening through Season Two of Avatar: The Last Airbender but surprising no one my favorite of the month would be…

derry girls

Derry Girls

It’s a great little comedy on Netflix about four high-school girl friends in Ireland in the early 90’s and the escapades they get up to with their ‘wee English fella.’ Seriously the first episodes involves a dead nun and just overall I appreciated the laughs.

Favorite Books:

Well I read 15 books this month with the help of a couple of shorter audio books. Built a TBR cart… which is already over-stuffed. Impressive even by my standards.

I’m 56% through with-

King of Scars

And it would have to suffer a serious drop in quality or a bust up of an ending for me not to love it.

fire and blood

Fire & Blood was also a winner. Apparently what I really needed as a trip to Westeros. But right now I’d have to put my January favorite as being:

the dreamers

About a town that suddenly comes under the thrall of (what seems to be) a virus that casts people into an endless sleep during which they seem to be dreaming with more brain power than people actually live. Reviews seem to be split on this one but I loved it. It appealed to me on several different levels!

I hope everyone has a lovely February! My favorite month of the year after the month with Christmas 🙂

13 thoughts on “You are Lost: A January Sum-Up

  1. A Simple Favor was so much fun! One of my favorites from last year. The Dreamers sounds really intriguing too. Nice wrap-up!

  2. I think I was one of the few people that really couldn’t go past Derry Girls’ second episode. I don’t know why, but the humour just didn’t appeal to me, as the characters were just very stereotypical. However, I enjoyed the setting and the historical period. It was interesting to see a show set in Ireland!
    I went on theatres recently to watch Creed II, and though I had never watched the first one or anything about Rocky Balboa, I still enjoyed it! I mean, Michael B. Jordan’s face is definitely nice to look at and the soundtrack was also surprisingly amazing. I definitely had a great time with it.

    1. Yeah humor is very hard to perhaps recommend to people. I have a lot, a lot in common with Erin. Maybe too much even at this age? 🙂 Haven’t checked out Creed yet. Not big on sports movies but I should put that aside because I’ve heard nothing but good things!

  3. YEY for the constant A Simple Favor praise here! I’m still pissed off Blake got no awards for that but at least she makes my line up!

  4. I had my WordPress issues last summer. I think it picks on all of us, eventually! Ha ha! I was being spam jailed all over the place for months and I would hit the like button, then go back and check, and it would have reset… Ugh.
    I LOVE THE GOOD PLACE. I can’t wait for the next season. What a great show. Derry Girls is on my list to watch. I’ll have to get to that one! 👍

  5. Simple favour sounds great 😀 I’m so glad this season of the good place ended strong. And I also enjoyed discovery of witches. It’s awesome you’re enjoying king of scars- I’m looking forward to it!

  6. I ended up watching A Simple Favor and I loved it. I kinda felt sorry for Emily, but then I doubt that her sister would have really followed through on the blackmail. It was very The Secret History but done well!

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