I Will Always Ship It!

lady and the tramp

Valentine’s Day is coming and though I’m not the most romantic of people I can occasionally ship with the best of them πŸ™‚ So I thought I’d share the ones that have stayed with me through the years that I’ve never really stopped shipping that have always held a place in my heart.

I’m leaving out any ships along the lines of “Sookie and anyone but Bill,” from True Blood and obviously the ones I’ve let go of (Carol and Daryl from the Walking Dead), together from the beginning (Zoe/Wash from Firefly) or like Harley and Ivy where I could take them either way. Obviously I’d recommend all the assorted books, shows and films* and some spoilers below!

game of thrones

Ned and Cat Game of Thrones

Do not even with the Ashara Dayne bullshit we all know that was Brandon. I’m still waiting for proof, as one guy put forward once, that Robb was Littlefingers (not even a shred of evidence for this exists not even a shred but still) They loved each other. Robert never came to Winterfell and my Stark parents lived happily ever after.

leslie and ben parks and recreations

Leslie and Ben Parks and Recreations

I’m not sure I ever shipped a comedy couple before these two. Usually I am all about the tragedy. But I loved the way their relationship unfolded pretty much from the first episode where she keeps yelling at him. And he looked at her like he couldn’t decide if she wasn’t wonderful or crazy. Β It was brilliant and they played off each other so well!

rory and amy in doctor who

Amy and Rory Doctor Who

This started out with him annoying me to no end really. But then he waited for her πŸ™ and I was totally behind the relationship (plus I think he got cuter as the show went on) and then by the end it was like can’t these two just be happy already? I also appreciated that it was a pre-Doctor relationship that literally stood the test of time. Epic.

simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda

Simon and Blue

I just want them to be happy forever. The emails were so sweet and they made such a connection that way and faced their fears!

roslin and adama in battlestar galactica

Roslin and Adama Battlestar Galactica

There’s a scene at the end of season one where he throws her in the brig for treason and the look that passes between them- I should have known was the beginning of another obsession for me. This one you knew was going to end with tears as she was dying of cancer since the beginning but still there was something beautiful that these two got to find love and explore that.

Eric and Charles in X-Men First Class
Back when Fassbender made movies that didn’t put me to sleep πŸ™‚

Eric and Charles in X-Men First Class

Me (Watching the Original X-Men Movies): Why does Charles put up with his shit?

Me (Watching McAvoy and Fassbender in First Class): Oh, I get it…

Seriously Eric got the helmet to keep Charles out of his head. (Okay this isn’t a healthy relationship!) They have never really been able to let each other go though and while Apocalypse was an utter mess from beginning to end I still maintain that keeping them apart was a mistake as well. If nothing else the actors have incredible chemistry!

So that’s my list for favorite ships! In my mind they all ended happily ever after and seriously if anyone has a shred of evidence that Robb was Littlefinger’s let me know cause I still want to know what book that person was reading!




24 thoughts on “I Will Always Ship It!

  1. I am so with you on Amy and Rory! At first I was like “Duuuuude, get a grip!” but then after she forgot him and my heart was broken to a million little pieces, once he came back I was just all on that ship. AND THEN he waited for her. Be STILL MY LITTLE HEART! And you’re right, they got cuter together the longer the series went on. I am still not over how that story-line ended. Mother effing angels.

  2. Ned and Cat are so cute and damn Robert should never have come north and ruined their life. Jerk. ERik and Charles were amazing in the comics and it’s nice that they were able to make that work in the movies too. Definitely need more of those two together.

    Robb as Littlefinger’s?? Gah!!!

    1. I think I’ve only read a handful of X-Men comics- though I did read the one where they were babies. That was great πŸ™‚
      I’m pretty sure the Robb as Littlefingers was a Cat hater but I seriously do wonder what books some people are reading because I just… don’t… get it!

  3. Leslie and Ben <3 <3 <3 Never have I ever shipped a couple so hard as them! It was the perfect hate to love relationship – and they're both massive nerds in their own way too!

  4. I will always love (& ship) Ned and Cat, no matter what! You put my love and thoughts for GOT and it’s characters right out there! “Robert never came to Winterfell and my Stark parents lived happily ever after.” πŸ˜€ It was Robert who brought doom on Winterfell, despite his good intentions.
    I don’t believe that Robb is Petyr’s son. There is no evidence of that! It was Petyr who loved her. If Robb was Lysa’s, I would have believed it. I also love Simon and Blue! The perfect cute and adorable couple. I think I’ll always ship Jesper and Wylan from six and crows duology. <3

  5. Yeah Ned and Cat definitely belonged together. And I *so* ship Simon and Blue πŸ™‚ hahaha I never thought of professor x and magneto- but I dig it when you mention first class lol πŸ˜‰

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