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Angels, Psychos, Sisters & a Beard: Mostly a Trailer Round-Up

tenant and sheen in good omens

So it’s been another stressful week but at least it’s raining (for me!) and I’m going to ramble mostly about movie trailers. But first, at long last, there’s a date for Good Omens!

May 31st it drops on Amazon Prime. It was also announced that Benedict Cumberbatch is voicing the devil which is generally how I like Cumberbatch best- voice work. Also Frances McDormand is playing God which is awesome!

I’ve been waiting to get a date for so long I almost didn’t believe it. Now I just want a date for season three of The Crown.

A friend of mine sent me this picture…

Credit HBO

With the Subject: You’ll Like This Right?

Yeah, bearded Jaime does make it less likely that I’ll bitch about the show as much. He’s not as dirty and scruffy as before but also he’s pulled his head out of Cersei’s ass so that and the beard will get me through 🙂

I’m excited for Endgame but will always mourn Steve’s awesome beard. Like every new thing I see I just want to know, “Why did he shave?”

The Hobbs & Shaw movie is the first time I’ve ever been interested in anything to do with Fast and Furious. It looks like it will be fun. Everyone looks great. Funny Jason is my favorite Jason…

No one remembers the Beatles except for one very enterprising guy. I’ll go see Lily James in pretty much anything but Yesterday looks like it will be pretty good.

Genie definitely doesn’t look good in the Aladdin trailer but even aside from that I’m a bit worried about how bored freaking Jafar sounded and quiet frankly looked. I think he’s the first of the main three we’ve heard speak? Which is worrisome.

I’m not giving up hope but I’m also still wondering why Guy Ritchie was chosen to direct this so there’s that…

The Frozen II trailer on the other hand… I really liked it! The animation looks beautiful. Elsa and Anna look great, the music was perfect and I have no idea what’s going on but I am totally in 🙂

And then out of the blue (well probably not but I haven’t been paying that much attention) a date and an EXCELLENT trailer for Killing Eve!

Oh man like I said I haven’t been paying much attention but the trailer looks like its going full batshit and I only have to wait until April 7th!!!

I don’t have a date for when Netflix might have season 2 of Derry Girls so I’ll just watch the trailer a thousand times when I need a laugh…

I’m sorry but as in the actual show Sister Michael totally steals the trailer.

So at least there’s lots of (hopefully) great entertainment in the months ahead. And also of course Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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