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The Zombie Musical I Never Knew I Always Wanted…

anna and the apocalypse

Directed by: John McPhail

Grade: A

I tried watching a holiday Zombie musical and darn it I loved it! This is also the second zombie movie I’ve seen that has seriously made me cry. (Train to Busan being the first.) Maybe zombie stuff makes me overly emotional? Of course this one also made me want to sing and dance through a graveyard so there’s that…

This would probably be me during the apocalypse. Listening to a book though and oblivious.

Anna has just informed her father she will be traveling after high school and not going to college which lead to a fight which lead to the zombie plague breaking out during a school production.

Be careful what you say to your loved ones folks cause you never know when the world is going to go full-on Walking Dead.

Anna, her best friend John, lonely Steph and filmmaker Chris must fight their way through town and back to the school to find out their loved ones fate. This group also comes to include Anna’s ex Nick whom I didn’t love but grows on you.

It seems a bit bonkers but it actually worked. The cast is talented and funny and the music is catchy and easy to sing. One thing that always bothers me about musicals is my mind switches to why are these people singing right now?

But why not sing at the end of the world?

Paul Kaye is also excellent as the Principal but finally at the end I looked up where I knew him from (Game of Thrones) and that ended with me yelling, “Not the zombie you should be playing with Thoros!”

Anna is a super fun little film that will likely make you laugh. Think about growing up, leaving childhood behind and leaving home and you’ll probably, maybe, tear up a bit. It’s a fast film to only a couple of minutes past an hour and a half and it goes by quickly.

I think I’ll put this in my Christmas rotation strange as that sounds. Cause Anna singing and beating up zombies with a giant candy cane… it just somehow screams stress buster.

And two more things to add to my Zombie Survival Tips

Pay attention to what’s around corners people!

Do not be in love in the zombie apocalypse.

Recommend: Yes.

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