My Avatar Character Rankings: Post Season 2

Aang Last Avatar

The only thing I watched in February show wise was Season 2 of Avatar which I absolutely loved. I really liked the first season but I thought it took a little while for me to get into it and I could walk away easily this one seemed to hit it’s stride and I flew through it.

Also I wanted to know what happened to Appa so good job show.

Since I’m late the the Avatar love I thought I do a Character Ranking after season 2 of my least to most favorite.

Which was really difficult cause I like all of them!

Azula the last airbender


Zuko’s (let’s say super intense sister) goes after them hard in season 2. She has one benefit (I’ll get to them) but mostly she’s as unlikable as they come. Seriously even the flashbacks to when they were kids makes me dislike her.

Ty Lee and Mai

Azula’s recruited sidekicks are fun excellent fighters and bring the funny to some of her scenes. They weren’t in it a lot but I already love them. Definitely left me wanting more. Also anyone with a crush on Sokka has excellent taste 🙂

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 2.33.03 PM


I know. I know. Maybe she has a thankless job being the big sis/mom of the group but she  always seems like such a killjoy! Granted she has intense powers and strength and does keep the group together.  There’s definitely a lot on her shoulders. It’s just every one else gets to have more fun!

Zuko the last airbender


Well, Zuko is not always fun, or fun at all, but he’s going through stuff. Having a crisis of everything at some points. Sometimes I loved him. This season mainly in his relationship with his Uncle. But this is up to the end of season 2 and he definitely ends that on my shit list.

Appa the Last Airbender


Why on Earth would I not love the adorable fluffy cuddly flying bison? And he does play a big part this season even gets his own episode and Moma misses him so much it’s just so sweet all around. I know most of the big spoilers for this show so I don’t think I was invested in anyone’s fate so much as his.

Toph in Avatar


Toph is an incredibly powerful Earthbender. Aang seeks her out as a teacher. It’s also fantastic to have a powerful blind character in a show. She starts off a little iffy for me and then there’s the whole thing with Appa (Don’t save them! Save him!) but she absolutely grew on me and was integral in the events for that matter integrates with the gang fairly smoothly.

Aang and Moma

Aang and Moma

Okay, so the Avatar and his little friend are only number three but he was so much less annoying than season one. He also has some great character stuff this season nothing’s ever easy for Aang but he and his friends manage to work it out. I also appreciate the character as a whole is looking to learn and seek out teachers.

Speaker of the older wiser council…

Uncle Iroh the last airbender

Uncle Iroh 

Probably tied for first actually. The man just wants to make some tea (best tea in the city) have himself peace and put his beloved nephew on the right path. He offers sage advice to several characters this season but never runs away from a fight. We get some powerful back story on him as well about losing his son and choosing peace over the constant war of the Fire Nation.

Sokka the last airbender


Yes. Somewhat goofy Sokka is still my favorite as he was after the first season. It’s possible because he reminds me so much of well, we have a lot in common. Sokka is a realist for the most part who would much rather avoid danger or at least get annoying people to stop singing while their in danger which really makes perfect sense.

Yet he always has his friends back and he’s pretty good in a haiku face off as well.




12 thoughts on “My Avatar Character Rankings: Post Season 2

  1. Well, as usual, I had no clue there is an Avatar show. 😂🙈 Your review definitely made me curious, making a note to check it out. 😊👌

  2. Great series, which keeps building upon itself season after season.
    After completing the series, (and Legend of Korra) I have to say this
    is one of the few stories (let alone animated) where all the characters
    are so developed it is hard to have a favorite since they all stand up
    and complement each other so well!

    1. I really want to get into Legend of Korra but some of the graphic novels but not until I finish. While I know broad-stroke spoilers I don’t really want to know the details 🙂 The characters are all amazingly done though!

  3. Zuko and Katara are my favorite characters. You’ll see why after season three. After re watching season one, it makes my so angry to see how much of a jerk Zuko was. He’s mutch better than that inside.

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