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I Don’t Need Much…

jason momoa as aquaman

On Tuesday, actually sometime Monday night I suppose, I’m going to own Aquaman. Then I will be able to study it in all its glory. Essays. Dissertations. Or I’ll probably just endlessly watch it. Also Tuesday Taylor Jenkins Reid’s new book Daisy Jones and the Six will be released and I am ready!

So all in all it should be a good entertainment week. And Captain Marvel!

The new Dark Phoenix trailer was released…

And actually I’m good with it. The movie has some good things going for it for me. Eric is looking hotter than Fassbender has in a while. He and McAvoy look like they’ll share a lot of scenes. I’m not particularly fond of Lawrence or what they’ve done with that character so I’m okay with the spoilers, actually it’s a plus.

Expectations are low so it can only surpass them right?

I’ve started watching The Umbrella Academy and I’m already in love with the music and Klaus…

He’s played by Robert Sheehan whose one of those actors that I’ve heard of but still had to look up. Which just makes me think I’ll be watching the Misfits eventually.

I’ve also decided to give into the urge and start A Song of Ice and Fire Reread. My goal is to take it slow and casual and maybe by the time I get through all 5 Martin will be ready to announce a date for Winds of Winter. Wishful thinking right?

That was my goal anyway but of course I already can’t put it down. Stay with your wife Ned in Winterfell Ned! Ignore your sister Cat!

I’m revisiting a lot of films and now this series and I always tell myself I’ll be bored or I should be reading something new and then I’m amazed by how much that’s not the case. Like no, you loved these things for a reason it’s okay to revisit them and not constantly be looking for the next best thing.

Meanwhile Spring seems all but here and I’m already complaining about the heat 🙂

Happy March!

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