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Superhero Questions & Aqua-thoughts that Have Been Bugging Me

Mera in Aquaman

So after seeing Captain Marvel, rewatching Aquaman and generally having insomnia right now I made a list of some of the superhero movie thoughts and questions that have been bugging me. Not just why doesn’t Mera take control of Atlantis cause she’s certainly powerful and smarter than Orm…

Do people in Marvel/DC worlds have like acts of super-heroing in their insurance policies? I thought that watching the chase in Italy. What would that poor old woman tell her insurance? “Aquaman fell through my roof and then ran out my wall…”

Does that also include acts of aliens for good or ill?

Speaking of Aquaman is he immortal? I’m a little shaky on that. On the one hand there’s all this high-tension stakes and Black Manta does injure him but on the other hand dude took a rocket to his chest and walked it off. I mean it is a nice chest though…

Why does Nick Fury wear the patch instead of replace the eye? He could probably come up with some awesome tech for eyes by the way. Does he just think it makes him look cooler?

Can I count Fury Road as a “superhero movie” because I kind of do?

Would the Dark Phoenix story work with Scarlet Witch since she’s already very embedded in the MCU and space and an assortment of players have been introduced? Or would that be considered blasphemy?

Yes I still want to know how sex would work for Eddie Brock/ Venom. Would Venom step out? He doesn’t seem the type. Could a child carry part of the parasite? So like he would reproduce with Eddie? Those are answers I want in the next Venom movie and I’m totally willing for it to be rated R.

I’ve probably thought about this more than actual biology.

I know I’m nostalgic lately but even after all these years and some seriously good movies I still find Selina Kyle/Catwoman might be my favorite female role in any of them.

Is Hulk evolving for a reason or did he just get up one day look in the mirror and say, “Ugh. This is all so dated I need to step up my game?”

If Atlanta was Queen of Atlantis to such an extent they thought her bastard son could have a good claim to the throne why the hell did she have to marry some loser and have a son with him in the first place?

I actually liked her hair best in the flashbacks.

I will admit my superficial ass occasionally watched the Captain Marvel movie thinking her hair is fine but really not up to superhero standards here. Annette Benning’s hair was good though! Okay, okay maybe Carol had a lot on her mind but still!

If we can’t have a Spiderman/ Deadpool film a la the comics why not the aptly named webisodes? They’ve done them before.

Not giving away to many spoilers I hope but if Marvel does Secret Invasion which characters could potentially piss me off the most being a Skrull. Tony would be tops… though if they clone Cap can we make sure they do it to the beard era Cap than I’d be fine with that 🙂




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