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An Enchanting Spring Read



By: Gita Trelease

Paris. Versailles. Love. Magic. Hot air ballon and handsome inventors. The French Revolution. Marie Antionette (well, a cameo) and the crazy parties of the aristocracy while the world burned.

Even the cover of this book screams, “Read me in the Spring!”

Okay, that could just be me.

Camille is trying to keep herself and her younger sister Sophie alive in a Paris on the edge of the Revolution and with an older brother who is drinking and gambling away everything she does earn. And is not above gambling his sisters away to be honest. Camille has the ability to turn metals into coin only the magic doesn’t last so it’s just as dangerous to her as stealing.

She finds a magic infused dress and uses blood magic to create a glamour that gets her into Versailles where she can try her hand, and her tricks, at cards. Where she does have better luck until her worlds collide…

Excuse me for that cliched line!

It’s Versailles anyway at the Revolution so several worlds are about to collide.

This book is not mind-blowing but it was fun and enjoyable. The characters are good if a little predictable. Although the little sister is a bit annoying she’s meant to be naive and the brother was a nice threat. The Versailles stuff was well-done. I could picture the craziness and the opulence.

I also liked the glamour and how a nice dress and fancy hair and make-up can mean the difference between someone leasing you a safe home or not, between starving or not. I also think Trelease does the magic very well as its not over the top. There’s not big magic though we do get a sense of the history. Camille can’t summon storms or anything over the top and even with the changing cards there’s a possibility of her getting caught easily or simply being wrong about a card.

So despite some predictability among the characters and the love story I enjoyed this. Probably a 3.5 star read. And a complete and total cover buy!

Recommend: Yes.

Especially if you like the French Revolution, magic, gambling and love stories that include hot air balloon rides.


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