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Things I Learned from Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Well I’m still playing catch-up and everyone’s reviews of Captain Marvel were so great I don’t feel like I can add anything save some very important Goose questions that have been bugging me.

So here are the ten things I learned from Marvel’s latest blockbuster.


In no particular order:

True friendship is keeping her crap for six years even when the world thinks she’s dead. Alternatively it’s also making sure she goes on a space adventure with you. (I really hope for more Carol and Maria!)

The bad guys aren’t always what they seem and the good guys often have blood on their hands.

Know yourself. Recognize your strengths and own them and no (admittedly attractive) alien asshole can take them away from you.

I am petty enough to have a laugh at all those many “experts” who thought this one was going to fail.

You were right younger me. I’m Just a Girl is just one of those songs that will always annoy you especially in the little too on point third act fight scene.

Also after the big reveal I was a little attracted to Talos. I mean not like Jason levels of attractiveness but he seemed like such a sweetheart and a great husband. Which made me think an alien shapeshifter would actually make a great SO for many reasons. Most I’ve ever liked Ben Mendelsohn.

So you do learn sometimes disturbing things about yourself going to an otherwise normal every day run in the mill comic book film.

If you’re going to de-age an actor it helps to remember to write them and play them that way.

Nick Fury is a cat man.

So Goose aside here… I guess the poor thing just got stranded after Mar-Vel’s death? I suppose he was living on the base which makes me wonder if he knows all of our secrets and also… Do we think he’s liter box trained? He looked like a liter box trained cat but maybe he’d find that beneath him.

Did Fury have to clean up his liter box after he digested the people?

Fury: Well thank you for coughing the alien energy source up on my desk! I suppose you want a treat… (sees liter box) What the hell? Oh my God! That’s just not right. I am not cleaning that up. No motherfucking cans for you tonight buddy!

Cat poop aside probably the most important less…

When you fall get back up no matter why or how long it might take just keep fighting.

So Captain Marvel was a fun movie with a ton of potential. It had it’s flaws and wasn’t my favorite of origin stories (but it has a cat!) I liked the 90s stuff as well though when she popped up with the Avengers there was a little voice inside my head going, “But what you been up to for the past 20 some years Carol?”

I look forward to more with the character in the future- which will hopefully include more of her past.

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