Slightly Late Recommendations for Pisces

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I’m a bit late on the Pisces Recommendations. But it would drive me up a wall to skip one. As usual I use the Elle horoscope for the information- although horoscopes and Zodiacs -these things are all in fun and just what you make them.

Pisces are described as “compassionate to the core,” “the most sensitive of all the signs,” and for some reason the one that jumped out at me, “can veer toward self-destruction.” They tend to inspire other people and live for music, art, dance and touch.

It was easy to think of specific character for this sign.

Harley Quinn- especially some of her more recent comics.


karen from the punisher

Daredevil and The Punishers Karen Page is compassionate, sensitive and can at times veer toward the self-destructive side. Pisces also tend to like romantic escapism which Karen’s life can sometimes be even amongst the bullets.

Groot and Rocket

I also can’t help but feel like all of the Guardians of the Galaxy would make excellent Pisces as they all fit many (or all in some cases) of the personality trademarks including tendency toward self-destruction and of course music plays a huge part not just in the movies but the character lives.


Book wise I couldn’t help but think of Cress– a sci-fi Rapunzel retelling and the 3rd book in the Lunar Chronicles. I could also honestly see Rapunzel being a Pisces.

daughter of smoke and bone

Laini Taylor’s two series (Daughter of Smoke and Bone & Strange the Dreamer) are also good picks for some romantic escapism. Both series boast compassionate characters who wind up inspiring people in different ways and both have some elements of art including highly artistic characters.

The Astonishing Color of After

The Astonishing Color of After is a beautiful book that has a sensitive but interesting portrayal of grief after suicide. Art and music plays a part here as well as the book being simply beautifully evocative and dream like in places.

this song will save your life

It’s been a while since I’ve read This Song Will Save Your Life but its one of the first books that came to mind as it’s about an exceedingly lonely girl and the way music can bring people together in life. It’s definitely one I’d like to reread soon.

So actually going off the main characteristics this as a pretty easy list and while the books, films and shows might appeal to Pisces especially I’d recommend them to everyone!



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  1. Cool post, thanks for the recommendations 😀 As a fellow Pisces, I agree on Laini Taylor and Harley Quinn, definitely fits the bill.

  2. Oo, Rapunzel would be a Pisces for sure with some Libra tendencies! But I think Harley Quinn is one of the most perfect embodiment of a Pisces! Pisceans, from what I’ve seen, are very sensory people.

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