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Thrones Theories: Predictions for the Final Season!

jon at the heart tree

One of the most fun things about the world of Westeros is the theorizing. And with the show coming to an end I thought I’d look at some of the most popular theories- where they fall in the show and what the show may say about their fates in the books.

This is all in good fun but I know people are particularly passionate about both the show and the books. So I will say my heart as always is with the book world. I still believe we will get Winds of Winter one day. So don’t burst that bubble please! 🙂

Tyrion is a Targaryen

This is perhaps my least favorite book theory. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Tyrion is Tywin’s son from top to bottom. Oh, I know you can make the argument it wouldn’t really change their relationship and there’s definitely nature vs. nuture essays that could be written. But I think it’s still a cop-out and an excuse and if he is in the book I’ll hate it!

Luckily it looks like the show has killed this.  They could pull something out of their ass for shock but they usually like to go bigger and I don’t believe an ounce of groundwork as been laid for this one in the show…

The Twin’s are Targs

In the books it makes more sense from the time line and one can see how the love of incest and fire would lead people to believe that but I feel the same way as with Tyrion. And I think the show isn’t touching this one either.

I think this theory is dead and the Lannisters are all Lannisters.

Bronn is in love with Jaime

Okay, okay this is show only to explain why Bronn is still hanging around with him and even going so far as to save him from dragon fire in the hopes that he gets what he’s owed. We’re talking about the same guy that rightly told Tyrion that even if he beat the Mountain Tyrion couldn’t pay him so it wasn’t worth it. Jaime hasn’t paid him yet and apparently Cersei took back that castle and bride… so nothing else makes sense!

I don’t know. It’s a tongue in check theory. I used to love Bronn but he outlived his purpose about four hundred dick jokes ago yet this could make it all work. I mean if something happens to Brienne maybe the two of them could go be sell swords in the Free Cities together?

I consider this theory still in play in the show 🙂

Bran will warg a dragon

Oh please show, do something with Bran besides what’s been happening. Anything. At this point it could be the easiest way to get poor Viserion out of play. I mean if that’s how the Night King is riding him it could work. Bran could literally take control and fly him into the walls of Winterfell or something (probably a bad idea itself) but it could kill a lot of birds.

Sadly I don’t think the show will do it.

As to the books?

Honestly, I think all theories are still in play where the dragons are concerned. She may very well lose one. Perhaps even North of the Wall but there are so many other things set up including FAegon and the Greyjoy brothers that I think its impossible to say what will happen.

But I do think the show will tell us the final fate of the dragons. If she still has them at the end of the books or if they’re destined to die with the others.

Speaking of Dany…

Dany will go Mad Queen.

I have a lot of feelings about this one because on the one hand I do see where this one is coming from but on the other hand I feel like some (some not all) of the people who love this theory just want yet another excuse for Jon’s apparently perfect ass to take her throne.

Considering some of the remarks Emilia Clarke has made I think this one is going to be left up for interpretation by the fans in the show.

I don’t think she’s going to go mad in the books but I hope if we ever get any end from Martin it’s a definitive one on her for better or worse.

Jaime is the Valonqar

So of course in the books Cersei is convinced by the Maggy the Frog prophecy that her death will be at the hands of her little brother. She believes that’s Tyrion (and its not like she hasn’t given him reason) while it’s probably the most popular belief that it will be Jaime that offs her in the end.

This is one of those book theories that I don’t want to be true and there are some good arguments that several people’s “little brothers” would already like to kill her. See I’ve always thought it being Tyrion would be the one thing she got right in the end.

Plus show Jaime and Cersei are so wildly different from their book versions that I don’t know if you can even compare them anymore.

Unfortunately I think the show is circling back around to what will likely be their final book fate and she’s going to die at Jaime’s hands. But up until the very end of last season show Jaime has taken so much shit from her and only doubled down on his love and he thinks she’s pregnant so what could make him snap is the real question…

Jaime being the valonquar in the show might say as much about Brienne’s fate as anything.

And yeah on this one I think if he kills her in the show he’s going to kill her in the books.

Either way the premiere is next weekend and in a few weeks we’ll know all the answers! And then of course the fun part of debating them, picking them apart and the deciding whether we hated or loved them! 🙂






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