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The Monster Books I want to Read & the Reasons I Haven’t Read Them Yet

Alison Sudol in Crimes of Grindelwald

Me: I think I’m finally going to read this…

Also Me: Don’t do it!


It’s too big.

What if it’s boring and you go into a slump and you never wind up reading anything again? It could happen.

Me: But I think I’m ready and I really want to…

Also Me: No. No, you don’t. Trust us!

Even in this I’m occasionally my own worst enemy 🙂

So last year I did a Goal’s TBR of Authors I really wanted to read and I actually did well and read all but two (still plan to get to them knock on wood!) I’ve been going back and forth on some of the bigger books that I’ve wanted to read for years that I’ve often put aside.

I thought I’d do much the same thing and write them up on my blog as a holding myself to it kind of thing and if anyone’s read them or has any thoughts on what to start with or getting through them I’m grateful for all opinions!


This is a rough one because its the only one I’ve actually tried to read and put aside. However it’s going to be a movie next year with Jason Momoa and Oscar Isaacs and naturally it makes me want to read the book more!

Also I think I’ve seen the original movie but every time I think of it all I can picture is a weird kid and Kevin Bacon fighting worms in the desert and I know that’s Tremors.

Don Quixote

I don’t know a lot about this story except that the few things I do know I think I will like but also lots of people do say this is a rough one to get through. I really want to see the Adam Driver movie though so maybe I’ll check that out- even though I’m assuming it’s very different- and see how it goes.

Little Women

This is another one I’m interested in again based on the upcoming movie version. Little Women is rough though because it’s one where I honestly think I may find it boring. I saw the film version with Christian Bale ages and ages ago and it was okay.

Honestly I likely wouldn’t read this until December or so anyway because it strikes me as a holiday book for some reason!

Anna Karenina

Okay, this is probably the one that launched this itch in my brain a couple of months back when I saw Maggie Gyllenhaal narrates an audible version.

I’ve long been put off by the size and honestly the famous ending. Spoilers! But between the audible and several movie versions I think I could get through this one 🙂

Doctor Zhivago

I know very little about this book except it’s supposed to be romantic (?) I could be way wrong about that. Except it was my favorite Aunts favorite book and movie and for some reason I always struggle to read and watch material that people I loved had such an emotional attachment to.


Things I never thought I’d say: I actually enjoyed the movie and am very much excited for the sequel.

I do love King from this time period of writing. These are the books of his that definitely got under my skin the most. Though I must admit here that the size doesn’t entirely put me off so much as the apparent kid sex/orgy in the sewers. Something I’m glad the movie cut.

I suppose knowing its coming I could easily skip those pages!

It might be a good book to tackle this summer.

The Name of the Wind

Again this book always seems like something I would really enjoy. Plus it’s got a beautiful special edition. I pick it up and put it back on the shelf pretty much every time I’m in a bookstore. My main problem with this is Game of Thrones- in that its another series in which people have been waiting for the next book for what seems like a good long while.

And I’m just like- I want to but I can’t make that kind of commitment again!

So that’s my list of monsters books I really do want to read. I’m thinking Anna Karenina, It and Doctor Zhivago may be the ones I start with and we’ll see how it goes from there!



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