A Helpful Benefit Every Book in a Series Needs

Holy Sister

So I started Holy Sister yesterday and, besides the fact that I’m counting on loving it, the book starts off with what might be my favorite thing ever that should be included in all book series…

Don’t actually read the text in the picture unless you want Gray Sister spoilers!the story so far

A section called The Story So Far which is basically a previously on. It’s actually a pretty in-depth summary concerning important plot, character and world details. I read Gray Sister (book 2) pretty recently but it’s still nice to have the primer and to get an idea of what the author thinks are the most important parts of the previous book.

And since I don’t usually hold off reading most series I would love this in other books as well. I think it’s something the author and publisher should try to always include (and in the front) whether there’s a year between series or longer.

I’m not a great re-reader and frankly there are a lot of books I like but don’t feel like they deserve a re-read so this would help there as well. I’d probably follow through on even more series if ‘previous in’s,’ we’re included.

And that is my little suggestion to the publishing companies and thank you to Mark Lawrence, his editor and publisher for taking the time to include it in the Book of the Ancestor trilogy. Which if you haven’t read it yet I highly recommend giving Red Sister a read!