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April Wrap-Up & May Plans

Taylor swift in me!

Spring is here and April was a very good month in entertainment. I watched my nephew for a week this month and despite predictions I did not sell him for books.

However I’m grateful we weren’t doing a swear jar or anything because even trying to watch myself I’d probably be broke.


Taylor released a new song…

Not sure I love the song. Though I’ll convince myself I do by the time we get the whole album. But I do love the video. Cool costumes, cats and generally the air of the nightmares I have when I’ve eaten too much sugar.

And then Holly Black announced we’re getting Queen of Nothing this year!

November 19th instead of January. I’ll take what I can get.

I did spend a lot of the month waiting for the IT Chapter 2 Trailer but in a shocking turn of events JJ pulled off getting me excited about Star Wars once again. I hope the hope doesn’t stab me in the back again.

I’m going to schedule this and my luck the IT trailer drops!


This month was definitely dominated by all things Endgame the only other film I managed to see in theaters was Shazam! which I liked and I liked Levi I just don’t understand why he had to turn from kid to adult. I don’t know. It’s a hang-up for me.

I did like Netflix’s The Highwaymen in large part for Woody.

I finally watched Cold War over on Amazon Prime and was surprised by how good it was. It’s a story about a relationship but it just gets to the point and the main actors especially Joanna Kulig were so very good.

You know that old statement about how the camera just loves some actors- I can buy that here.

I also managed to watch the new Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. Sophia Lillis was just as good as I thought she’d be unfortunately the movie wasn’t. I mean it’s not awful but it’s crazy forgettable save her.


I read 11 books this month and I’m trying to break away from the constant drum of new releases and the just average books I’ve been reading recently. My favorite read this month is The Raven’s Tale but I also read and enjoyed Famous in a Small Town by Emma Mills. It’s not my favorite of hers but she’s consistently good.

I’m also planning on participating in the Asian Readathon hosted by Read With Cindy amongst others:

Honestly even if you can’t participate there’s a Google Doc attached to the video with a fantastic list of recommendations. So whatever I don’t read this month I can go back to at any time 🙂

I hope everyone has an amazing May!


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