5 Most Relatable Big Bang Theory Episodes

Amy and Sheldon in the BBT

The Big Bang Theory is coming to an end soon and while I do agree its nowhere near as funny as it once was the show seems to get so much hate it kind of surprises me. It’s a sweet reliable show.

And more than that at times its helped me deal with stress and my own anxiety so I thought I’d give it some love with the 5 Most Relatable Episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon Gives Amy a Tiara

Much like Amy I don’t believe you can buy your way out of an argument but a diamond tiara is a good start.

Penny Gets Addicted to On-Line Gaming

I have never related to Penny so much as when she became addicted to on-line gaming when trying to make up for all the things that weren’t going well in her life.

The Scavenger Hunt Episode

My competitiveness fluctuates between Bernadette’s take no prisoners and singing in the car cause I don’t care (and I do that more than I admit) also I’ve totally put on Coming to America and Sweet Caroline just to sing out loud to them 🙂

The C-Men and Public Speaking

I have both Sheldon’s fear of public speaking and, at least when I was younger and could afford it more, answered it with Penny’s idea of buying a new outfit or a new pair of shoes to get over that fear.

This episode also has drunk Sheldon which was always fun.

Sheldon vs. the DMV

He’s so wonderfully smug and Octavia Spencer remains one of my favorite guest stars on the show. Who hasn’t stood in line at the DMV and wanted just for a little bit to be a thorn in there sides?

Confession: not only did I wait years to get my license but after an awful experience and failing the test so many times I didn’t realize they had misspelled my middle name until I got outside. At which point I was like fuck it I’m not going back in!

So I think looking through the old episodes it’s pretty safe to say I’m a lot like Sheldon with a side of Penny thrown in 🙂


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  1. My memory is so shitty lately I forgot if I already commented here 🙂 I love the show and cannot believe it is ending, there are no other good comedy shows out there. I love that episode with public speaking especially when Raj is helping him meditate and Sheldon starts rambling about Sim City. “OH THE SIMULATED HORROR!” lol

  2. Same here! Whenever i feel like my stress/anxiety is creeping up on me i usually watch Big Bang or B99.
    Penny and the online gaming… yea, that was me 😀 living in my pjs, eating in front of the computer… that was fun!

  3. I love these episodes <3 Haha Though my most relateable episode is the one that Penny get Sheldon a Christmas present so he feels he needs to get her something, but without knowing what she got him, he doesn't know how much to spend, so he buys all the different sizes and plans to give her the appropriate one after he gets her gift! I struggle with that too! I don't mind spending more on a person than they spent on me, but I wouldn't want to get them something small if they got me something big!!

    1. That’s probably one of my all-time favs! I didn’t start watching this until it was in the 4th or 5th season and that hug at the end 🙂 It was like oh I’m hooked. Still have to watch B99 though I just feel so far behind 🙂

  4. The treasure hunt episode is one of my faves and, ugh, gutted that we didn’t get to see more of Amy and Howard’s friendship!

    I love all episodes where we see Amy and Sheldon conduct social experiments – the gossiping one was my favourite. And, of course, the episode where Kripke and Sheldon compete against each other in sports.

    Kinda miss that it’s gone. A lot of the old classics have come to an end and Modern Family is going to run for one more season, but honestly, really, really wish they wouldn’t – good ole reliable comedy is what we need to come home to after a long and busy day watching characters we know and love. *sigh*

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