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Pennywise Returns, Spiderman & What I’d Do with Richard Madden

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We finally, finally got the trailer for IT Chapter 2. Looks great so far. This is my second most anticipated film of the year- well first now that Endgame has past. Hopefully it will deliver like Endgame.

I also think I may be into an “older” looking James McAvoy. Glad the kids are coming back as well they made the first film for me.

I’m definitely going to attempt the book this summer.

Meanwhile we also got a new Spider-Man trailer…

As Tom Holland says don’t watch if you haven’t seen Endgame!

I kind of feel like this trailer gives away a lot. I could go one of two ways on the multi-verse yes there really introducing it hardcore or it’s all an illusion and Mysterio is pulling the strings so it will really be more of a tease.

Richard Madden is in talks to star in The Eternals for Marvel. Which I got to say my first thought when I heard that was he’d be great in a Fantastic Four reboot and Angelina Jolie whose supposed to be playing in The Eternals as well could make an excellent gender-bent Doctor Doom.

I’d also be for Madden playing Batman but for some reason not Bond. I don’t know I think him as Bond is a little too easy.

Disney released a schedule of upcoming films which mainly excited me because we’re getting a Nimona movie! I hadn’t heard that 🙂 My head canon casting way back when I read this was Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston but that may be a little too weird for Disney.

But actually Chris Evans would be really good as well.

Also I’m still completely confused why we’re getting an Avatar sequel no less several. I’d rather watch New Mutants which keeps getting screwed on scheduling which doesn’t give me hope.

A tease for Watchmen also dropped and other than Regina King and Jean Smart its kind of “eh” to me. But then I was never big on the source material though I’m still interested in it enough that I’ll check it out.



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