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The Cutest Little Detective Ever

sad pikkachu

Detective Pikachu

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I must preface this by saying I’ve never played Pokéman. I considered playing it once but was generally to lazy to download it and didn’t want it taking up so much space on my phone.

But Pikachu is the cutest little thing ever and I will likely soon have a stuffed version of him.

But onto the film instead of stupid stuff I’m going to buy that I absolutely don’t need. Detective Pikachu was… fine. It was cute. Justice Smith is a good lead I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for him in the future. Ryan Reynolds is well, Ryan Reynolds, sometimes the jokes worked sometimes they didn’t.

It’s a pretty basic mystery but I have to admit there was one obvious bit about the ending that I didn’t expect. Maybe I might have if I knew anything about Pikachu but no, so parts of it did go over my head. 🙂

Also Pikachu reminded me a bit of Leslie Knope and strangely made me want to watch Parks and Recreation.

The movie does epically waste Ken Watanabe but it’s not like its the first movie to do that. I liked the two leads as crime solving partners more than romantics I mean that plays more into it at the end but still… why? Why does every one have to be attracted to each other in that “date me” way?

But rambling aside I did like the film and I don’t think you need to be versed in Pokémon to have a fun time. But I can’t discount that it might help.

Recommend: Overall yes. But it can definitely wait for home viewing.


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